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A selection to find the best travel site for your holidays, useful for booking a last minute.

Summer is upon us that's why I want to give you some tips on how to increase the possibility of finding what you are looking for on the web for your holidays:
1. Always compare at least two offers to compare them and you will surely find the best.
2. Book your flight only three weeks earlier. Six months before departure, tickets cost at least 20% more than the price they will have three weeks before the scheduled departure date.
3. Book your travel oa January and September; in these two months the sites and tour operators update their offers and therefore you can find interesting promotions.
4. Always look for offers during the day Tuesday. This is the best day because cancellations almost always arrive on Mondays and during the week the holes fill up. Don't wait for the weekend.

Best travel site

How to find low cost flights? There are many ways to find the best and most suitable structure for your needs today. Once booking services were individual platforms and managed users separately without them being able to communicate, for some years, however, things have changed. Through the Internet, users can communicate and share their experiences: comments, opinions and opinions on hotels, residences and holiday homes are everywhere and the solutions to book and choose your holidays are many.
The new tools are based on search engine with which to indicate thegeographic area or common where you want to stay. So you can almost always select the type of property where you want to stay: hotel, residence, board, Flat for rent, camping, bed and breakfast, etc.

You can almost always indicate the price range you want and any options, such as the possibility of having single rooms, also accommodate pets, the presence of kitchens or kitchenettes. Finally, the function to indicate the date of arrival and departure.

More advanced vacation sites also show a button or page to check availability and make the reservation directly. Before this step it is important, however, to consult any Comments o reviews of other visitors. The hoteliers cannot touch up the opinions, it would affect the reliability of the system, which of course must be impartial.

In addition to these online tools, there are other tricks that web vacationers can use: forums related to travel and holidays, with advice but also recommendations for hotels and accommodation.

  • Google Maps, for example, it allows you to check the size of the hotel pools or the real distance between the booked structure and the beach, but also to take a look at the area in which your accommodation is located.
  • With Google Street View you can see what the chosen place really looks like.
  • Su Facebook you can take advantage of the community to get advice and opinions or use Twitter than with hashtag allows you to follow threads tagged by keywords and check if anyone has gone on vacation to the hotel you are interested in.

But let's see which is the best travel site and how to use it to book an unmissable holiday.


Expedia is one of the best sites to book holidays. Connect to its official page and use the booking form on the Homepage to book flights and hotels.

Click on Flight + hotel in the top bar and perform your search. Enter in the field He flew, the city or airport to depart from. Type in the field He flew the place you want to reach and click on Departure e Return to specify the days.

In the menu options decide in which class you want to travel: Class economic, Economy Premium, Business o First class.

For the Hotel, you must specify the number of rooms you need, in the specific drop-down menu and indicate the number of people who will be with you. At the end, start the search for flights and hotels by pressing the button Search. Find the combination travel + hotel more interesting and click on Select and then Continue to book flight and hotel.

Expedia it is also available for Android and iOS mobile devices.


Momondo is another site where you can quickly find flights and hotels and save a lot

To search for a flight you need to connect to the main page and use the form in the center of the page. Click on the tab Voli (top) and enter City of departure and destinazione. Insertion by the date of departure And that of return and indicates in the menu Passenger the number of people on the trip.

Premium for your pulse Search, to view the most interesting offer in the results. To make a reservation, follow the instructions and complete the purchase of the ticket by visiting the airline's website.

To book the hotel, press the tab Hotel and in the field Inserisci city, airport and region, specify where you want to stay. The other fields concern the date of arrival and departure and the number of people who will stay in the hotel. At the end press on Search and presses on View offer among the displayed results. Complete your reservation by visiting the hotel website.

Momondo it is also available for Android and iOS mobile devices.


Airbnb is one of the best sites to rent vacation homes. To use it you have to connect to its official page and register for free by clicking on Sign Up (top right).

Once registration is complete, you can start your search by filling in the various fields of the proposed form. Indicate the place where you want to stay and specify in the field When, the day you want to start the overnight stay, in Guests, the number of people who will be in the house and finally click on the button Search to view the results.

Once you have found the advertisement of interest, click on Show dates to be sure that the apartment you have chosen is available on the dates of your interest. Then press on Choose the date, read the residence requirements and click on NEXT. Then add your travel companions in the section Who will come, enter your personal data and payment method and click on Confirmation the reservation to finish.

Airbnb it is also available for Android and iOS mobile devices.


TripAdvisor is one of the best tools to find and book the place to stay on vacation. It is characterized by a form to carry out searches, in which it is possible to enter the city, the name of the hotel where we want to stay and then indicate the dates of stay.

One click your Near hotel will generate the results. We can also characterize the search more clearly by clicking on the links of the thematic sections, which are located at the top of the interface of the Home Page. The results are listed in very clear windows and in which all the essential data are present to decide whether to stay or not.

TripAdvisor it is also available for Android and iOS mobile devices.


Booking is among the best sites for bed and breakfasts, farmhouses and holiday homes. It is also an excellent tool for managing and making hotel reservations throughout Spain. The site allows you to connect to about 300.000 structures. The search form is located at the top of the home page interface. Further down we find the links to the hotels of Spain divided by city and region. In the lower part there are links to the hotels located near the main airports. Great resource for weekends and short breaks.

It does not require any registration, but by creating an account you can get exclusive discounts.

Booking it is also available for Android and iOS mobile devices.


Trivago is among the best last minute holiday sites for low cost travel. A real portal that, in addition to searching for hotels, allows you to compare prices. This happens thanks to a database of over 600.000 hotels around the world. The Trivago system provides information on the availability of the different rooms and allows us to book them by relying on one of the 150 sites that provide this service and are connected to the portal.

Trivago collects customer opinions thus creating a very active and lively community. All activities carried out by over 300.000 members receive a virtual cash reward, proportional to the importance and impact of the actions. This encourages the willingness to review and give opinions.

Trivago it is also available for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Other sites to book holidays

Below are other less popular vacation sites to consider for your travels.

  • SkyScanner
  • Wimdu
  • Kayak
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