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How many times have you asked yourself where to eat a good amatriciana or which are the best restaurants in your vicinity. Well, in this tutorial I want to reveal the app to search for restaurants where to eat well and where you can consult photos, reviews and opening and closing times.

The restaurant apps that I will show you are free and use GPS technology to find the best restaurants nearby. After choosing the place you will be able to view not only the feedback but also the votes given by users, in this way you can be sure of choosing which restaurants are capable of guaranteeing the best service.

Best App to find restaurants

Are you ready? Then read carefully apps to search for restaurants where you can eat well and I'm sure you'll find the one that's right for you.

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TripAdvisor (Android, iOS)

TripAdvisor is the largest travel community in the world and the undisputed king for reviews from users of restaurants, hotels, bed & breakfasts and tourist attractions. If you don't know where to eat, just start the app, available for Android and iOS, to discover the restaurants that are nearby with lots of reviews. Consider that TripAdvisor boasts over 150 million reviews and opinions and just as many useful information, such as photos of the dishes and the price range. To search for where to eat, choose the option Restaurants i went his Where do you want to go? or press on Nearby to locate the nearest premises.

MichelIn Spain Guide (Android, iOS)

In Guide Michel in Spain you can find the most starred restaurants in spain. These are restaurants reviewed by Michelin guide inspectors with photos, prices and lots of practical information. You can also consult the itinerary to get to the restaurants proposed by your location. The guide, available for Android and iOS, also indicates the restaurants that do not accept dogs and those where the quality / price ratio is advantageous.

The Fork (Android, iOS)

the fork is a free app available for Android and iOS where you can book any restaurant from your smartphone for both lunch and dinner. In the app you can find, in Spain alone, about 10 thousand restaurants where you can eat well. Its use is simple, once The Fork app is started, just activate the GPS on your smartphone and you will immediately see the restaurants in your area on the display. To make a reservation click on Book a table and specific date, clockwise of arrival e Number of person to then plug up Complete booking. You can also search by simply typing the restaurant where you want to book or the city directly in the search bar. Alternatively you can visit the sections Let go inspire, (for any promotions or suggestions) i restaurants best, the new restaurants and most booked venues.

Yelp (Android, iOS)

Yelp is an American app available for Android and iOS. It offers the possibility to find restaurants in which to eat well using GPS or through a manual search where you can enter the city or the name of the place directly. For each restaurant you can consult the relative card with reviews, photos and information regarding: location, telephone number and opening and closing times. You can book by calling.

FourSquare (Android, iOS)

FourSquare is a free app for Android and iOS where you can find the best restaurants to eat and drink. If you love a particular product, entering it in the search engine of the app you will find out which places offer it with attached reviews and advice from users who have already been there. In the Home of the app, among the many items, press on the item Lunch or dinner to search for a restaurant or pizzeria, or type the name of the place you want to search in the field What are you looking for?. Once you have identified the restaurant you are interested in, stop on the card to consult the information about the restaurant and select the card Information to view user ratings and telephone number, Recommended to find out the location, address and opening and closing times and finally on the card Gallery e Advice. The first shows pictures of the restaurant, the second offers customer reviews.

Google Assistant (Android, iOS)

Also 'Google Assistant allows you to find the best restaurants nearby. With Android you just need to call the function OK, Google, the same goes for an iPhone, but you will need to have the Google app installed.

Siri (iOS)

Also Crab, the Cupertino voice assistant offers the function to search for the nearest places in Apple devices. If you have an iPhone or iPad try saying Find me the best restaurants in the area and you will see that in a short time you will be given the tips you need.

HolidayAnimals (Android, iOS)

I close this article with the app HolidaysAnimals. If the MichelIn Spain guide indicates the restaurants where dogs cannot be brought, in VacanzeAnimali you will find the restaurants that are more tolerant towards your four-legged friend, dog or cat. The app is only available for Android.

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