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Screen Overlay Detected: To change this permission settings, you must first turn off screen overlay from Settings> Apps.

You have also viewed this message on your smartphone Android while trying to open a newly installed app? You must know that this is a rather common error in mobile devices with Android 6.0 or 6.01 marshmallow, and does not allow access and modification of permissions for some apps. Quiet in this guide I will explain how to solve and above all what is theOverley screen detected.

Overlay is not an Android bug but it shows up when an app like Facebook Messenger (Chat head) is running, and by acting on the display management with floating notifications, it forms a kind of cover by preventing the modification of application permissions.

How to fix screen overlay detected? Now that you understand what Screen Detected Overlay is we will deal with how to fix it.

The first step is to understand which apps are causing the Overlay. By clicking on the Open Settings in the pop-up of the Detected Screen Overlay that appears, you will be redirected to Applications that can be displayed above where you will find the list of applications that use theScreen overlay. In this case you can solve by revoking the permissions and deactivating the app you want to block.

Another way to get to this screen is from Settings> Applications> Application manager> More> The applications that may appear at the top.


If you want disable Screen Overlay Detected , you must first activate theDeveloper Option (take a look at :) and after activating it go to Settings> Developer options> Disable hardware overlays (always use GPU for screen composition), and you should have solved.

If you do not want to resort to this drastic solution, you can always uninstall the third-party app that generates services capable of acting on the management of the display. To do this you have to go to Settings> Applications> Application Manager and after selecting the offending app, press the button Uninstall.

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