WhatsApp video call does not hear audio

WhatsApp video call does not hear audio. Here is a guide on how to test the microphones of your Android or iOS mobile phone in case of audio problems in video calls.

If after reading my guide on how to make video calls on WhatsApp you have encountered problems in the conversation and want to understand how to fix mobile phone microphone then I advise you to keep reading. I will help you to find out if the malfunctions are due to problems of software origin or are of a hardware nature.

WhatsApp video call does not hear audio

If your friends complain about the quality of your voice and you don't hear audio in WhatsApp video calls, then it's time to run for cover. Let's see how.

WhatsApp video call does not hear audio on Android

WhatsApp video call does not hear audio

If you have an Android smartphone (especially Samsung) and you have problems with the microphone during WhatsApp video calls, you can try to follow the solutions proposed below.

1. Remove the case

Try removing the phone case, screen protector, and anything else that might cover the speakers and microphone.

2. Test diagnostico hardware

Hardware diagnostic tests To fully verify that all hardware components are functioning correctly, dial the number * # 0 * # on the Samsung phone. Press on Receiver (this represents the microphone) If you hear a hum or hum, it means that the hardware side microphone is working 100%.

3. Cleaning the microphone

Check that the microphone hole is not blocked and try to physically clean it.

Turn off your phone and locate your smartphone's microphone hole. In Samsung phones it is usually placed next to the charging port.

To remove the dirt and then clean the microphone hole, take a thin plastic needle (a toothpick is fine too) and start to lightly and carefully scrape the inside of the microphone port being careful not to damage the microphone.

4. Microphone operation test

If during video calls on WhatsApp you experience audio problems with your Android smartphone, the advice is to do a test on the microphones. Follow these instructions for Samsung phones:

  • Log in to the phone application.
  • Enter the code * # 0283 # as you should make a call.
  • Select the item Start: RCV_1stMic / RCV Packet Loopback ON oppure Start: RCV_DualMic.
  • Hold the phone to your ear and say a few words [if you hear your own voice, the microphone at the bottom works]
  • Then select the item Start: SPK_2ndMic / SPK Packet Loopback ON.
  • Move the phone away and say something next to the second microphone, which is the one located at the top of the phone.
  • If you hear your voice [on speakerphone], the second microphone also works.
  • Press the button Exit.

If during the test you detected a voice at intervals or no response in output, I recommend that you go to a service center for the instrumental appraisal of the device. If you own a Samsung phone at this link you will find the list of Samsung service centers closest to you.

5. Check the permissions on the WhatsApp app

If you have passed the test but continue to have problems I recommend that you check the permissions granted to the app for access to the microphone by going to: Settings> Applications> App name> Permissions.

6. Restart your mobile phone

If any apps are causing microphone annoyance, your best bet is to try restarting your phone.

To restart a mobile Android, you have to press the power button for a few seconds, then select the item Switch off from the menu that appears in the center of the display and wait for the mobile device to switch off completely.

Then he presses the again power button for a few seconds, when turning on the device, check that the microphone is working correctly.

7. Update the operating system

With Android you can check for new updates by going to Settings > About phone> Asystem updates. If the wording is present The device software is up to date, you do not need to do anything, otherwise press the button Download / Download over Wi-Fi.

At the end of the download, follow the instructions for updating the system and press the button Reboot and install.

Check immediately afterwards if the microphone is working.

8. Take the phone to a service center

If none of the solutions worked, I suggest you go to an official service center, perhaps by taking a look first at the official website of your device. Here are a few: Samsung, Huawei, LG, Xiaomi.

WhatsApp video call does not hear audio on iPhone / iPad

WhatsApp video call does not hear audio

If you have an iPhone and there is no audio in the WhatsApp video call, you can try to follow the solutions proposed below.

1. Remove the iPhone case

Try removing the iPhone case, screen protector, and more that may cover the iPhone speakers and iSight microphone.

2. Cleaning the microphone

If there is dust or dirt covering your iPhone's microphone, this can affect the quality of the sound received by the microphone. It can block the sound to reach the microphone. You can clean it using a blower to remove dust or a toothpick or needle to remove dirt, but do it gently and carefully.

3. Using voice memos

Open the app Memorandum Voice which you can find in the screenshot Home. Make sure your fingers don't cover the microphone.
Tap the record icon (the red circle) and start talking. Once you've finished recording your voice, tap the red button.
Now, play the recording voice by tapping the play icon next to the red button. Make sure you hear your recording voice clearly.

4. Siri

Try logging into Siri and ask for something. Push the button Home a little longer until it appears Crab. Try talking to Siri and ask her anything. If Siri doesn't answer your request or question correctly, try again in a louder voice.

5. Use the Camera or FaceTime app

You can also use the video feature on the Camera or FaceTime app to record audio. Launch the Camera app and set it to Video. Then, record your voice and play back to check if you can hear your voice clearly or not.

6. Restart the iPhone

The process of restarting the iPhone can kill the app that has a bug and blocks the audio features of the phone. In many cases, iPhone problems can be solved simply by restarting the device. To do this, press and hold the button Suspension / Reactivation until you see the red slider and swipe right to turn it off. Wait a few seconds, then turn it back on by pressing the same button until you see the Apple logo.

For the iPhone X, you have to hold down the side button e one of the two volume keys. Drag the slider to turn off the phone and then press and hold the side key again to turn it back on.

Now check that the microphone is working properly.

7. Check the headphone jack

Remove the headphone accessory from your iPhone and make sure there is nothing inside the headphone jack. You can clean it to make sure there is no dirt and dust blocking it. Use the same tools and technique we mentioned in the solution "Cleaning the microphone".

8. Check the iPhone microphone settings

If the problem only occurs when using certain apps, check your iPhone's microphone settings. Make sure the apps have permission to access the microphone and it's enabled. You open Settings> Privacy> Microphone.

9. Update the operating system

To check if you need to update the iOS operating system, go to Settings> General> Software Update and check if the wording is present Your software is up to date. Otherwise, check the availability of the update and press on Download e Install to update the software.

At the end check if the microphone works.

10. Reset

If you have done all the solutions above and the microphone is not working on iPhone, try to reset all settings. This method will reset all your iPhone settings, including iPhone microphone settings. The steps are easy. Awards Settings> General> scroll down and select Reset. So, choose Reset all settings. You may need to enter your passcode before continuing the process. Then tap Reset all settings in a pop-up window.

11. Cancel iPhone

If Reset All Settings didn't fix your iPhone's microphone not working issue, try erase your iPhone. This technique will not only reset all iPhone settings but also the apps and contents within. That is why it is advisable to back up your data before starting the process. To erase iPhone, go to Settings> General> Reset> Reset all contents and settings> enter a passcode > in a pop-up window, tap Erase iPhone.

12. Restore iPhone with iTunes

You can restore your iPhone to factory settings using iTunes. You will need a computer to perform this method and a good internet connection as well. Here are the steps:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes.
  2. Collega iPhone al Mac / PC via USB.
  3. starts iTunes.
  4. Awards Restore iPhone in the panel Riepilogo.
  5. Click on Restore to confirm the action.
  6. Let the process complete.

If the microphone doesn't work even though you've tried all of the solutions listed above, contact Apple or visit one of its stores.

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