Whatsapp for a fee 1 € per month?

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For a few months on Whatsapp  spin this message where Andy and John, the WhatsApp Directors invite you to send 20 messages to your contacts with a text similar to this:



“Saturday morning whatsapp will become paid if you have at least twenty contacts send this message to them.
So it will turn out that you are a frequent user your logo will turn blue (Large blue circle) and will remain free.                         
(they talked about it on the news).
Whatsapp will cost € 0,01 per message. Send it to twenty people. Hi we are Andy and John the directors of whatsapp. A few months ago we warned you that from this summer watsapp would no longer be free; we always do what we say, in fact, we inform you that from today watsapp will cost 1 euro per month. If you want to continue using your account for free, send this message to 20 contacts in your address book, if you do, you will receive a text message from the number: 123 # 57 and they will tell you that watsapp for HER is free !!! THANK YOU…. and if you don't believe us check it out for yourself on our website ( UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN. When you do, the light will turn blue.                                
(if you don't send it, the whatsapp agency will activate the cost). "

We tell you right away that it's a hoax and rest assured, it is only one stupid chain, the cost of Whatsapp after one year from its use is always that of 89 cents

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