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The desire to be protagonists pushes us to publish photos and information of various kinds on social networks, in this post we will explain to you, to protect your privacy, what does not never post on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

What has made Facebook, Twitter and other social networks popular is the fact that they can quickly post thoughts, videos, images and links. When we are online, however, we have a nasty habit of “talking” too much by sharing with friends, and not only with them, information that is dangerous for our privacy or that of others.

What never to post on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks

We often sell out our lives that we would never reveal in the real world. The problem is that we forget that on the other side, behind a monitor, there are people who are often different from how they appear on the Net. The worst is, then, post photos that we believe are innocent, when for others they are not at all.

By chance you posted one photo taken in the bathroom or with skimpy clothing? Well, at best, it has certainly been seen by your friends, but based on the privacy settings of the social network it may have been seen by friends of friends, and you may not necessarily like it.

And what about when you waved to the four winds that you were going on vacation leaving home unattended? It is basically like hanging a billboard on the front door that says: "the house is free, I'm on vacation, even stolen".

In short, before publishing anything, it is good to take a look, below, at what not to publish on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

  • Nothing Minors: if you have children or grandchildren, avoid posting their photos. It is true, it is nice to share every moment with relatives and closest friends, but social networks and more generally the Internet are now a hunting place for unsavory subjects. Better to avoid.
  • Compromising photos: If you want to make a good impression at a job interview, avoid posting photos that portray you in shady attitudes, such as drinking or having a stunt. Remember, companies now also check the social profiles of the various candidates.
  • Pets: Your dog or cat is beautiful, and the love you have for animals is commendable, but there really isn't a single reason in the world why you have to post so many photos a day.
  • Don't take advantage of the pain: are you a "Like" hunter ?, avoid exploiting the suffering of others only to cause a sensation or for your own small satisfaction. Avoid sharing photos of sick, tortured, or mutilated people or animals. It is definitely in bad taste.
  • Mugshot photos: do not post a photo of your identity card or driving license on social media with the sole purpose of showing your cosmetic change. You would show the details of your document to half the world and someone could use them with impunity for you.
  • selfie: do you want to post a selfie on Facebook and other social networks? That's fine, but maybe avoid doing it while you're driving or walking in an unsafe place. Putting a photo on social media doesn't mean risking your life.
  • Photo with neckline: if your intentions are very different from giving yourself to easy conquests online, avoid posting photos in a bikini or that portray you in too low-cut and provocative clothes. You could get the attention of really annoying stalkers. Attention.
  • Feet for fetishists: a subject abused on social media, are the feet with or without flip flops, with nails painted in a thousand colors, while trampling on flower meadows or on the beach. In short, we have seen them in all sauces. I would avoid exaggeration.
  • Food photo: Are you at a restaurant and have you ordered some well-served and delicious food to look at? Ok, share it with photos, but I would avoid publishing everything that comes out of the oven at home or that you gulp down at breakfast, lunch or dinner, it's definitely not interesting.

After these general indications, I'll point you out what is best to avoid posting on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks:

  • No contact details: never give out your address, telephone number or other personal data that you would like to keep private. Remember that it's not just your friends who read them.
  • No comments on the work: Never post unflattering comments about the company you work for or about your superiors. You risk being fired.
  • All about you: you brushed your teeth, you had breakfast, you are in the office, you posted that you are hungry ... Are you sure everyone is interested in the news of your day?
  • Don't trust strangers: do not accept friend requests from strangers. If it's about people you don't know, you might have some really unpleasant encounters.
  • Do not like everything: Do not "Like" any post. At least once you won't agree with everything others say, will you?
  • Don't ask too much: One of the most hateful things about Facebook is spam with constant requests for help with a game or something else. Don't do this, you risk causing a curse from others towards you.
  • No confidential information: if you have to communicate something confidential to a contact, do so by sending him a message and not writing on his wall. Writing "last night was great" could cause serious trouble!
  • No geotagging: If you want some privacy, delete the geotagging information and location services of smartphones and tablets. Apps and photos may reveal where you are.
  • Inviti a Go-Go: Inviting all contacts to an event is a great idea. Too bad that due to logistical problems, not everyone can participate, so think about it before sending out blanket invitations.

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