What is the SPID for

How many times have we heard this word over the past few months? SPID it is nothing more than an acronym that stands for Public System of Digital Identity, which offers the possibility to log in to platforms always using the same username and password. Which services can you have access to? To all those who are proposed by the Public Administration, as well as by the various private entities that have decided to join it.

Reliability and safety first, but also one remarkable ease of use. In a short time, SPID has therefore become one of those fundamental tools for any citizen to be able to access a high and wide range of public services that have been made available online. In this way, the bureaucratic times of each type of operation are reduced, to the advantage of the entire administrative system.

What is the SPID

From a purely technical point of view, the SPID represents a pair of digital credentials, that is username and password, which can be considered as an excellent identification system for a Spanish citizen and which, as we said earlier, allows access to a large number of services relating to Public Administration and not only.

SPID can be considered a tool that combines speed of use and a high level of security for the citizen. The benefits fall into a large number of areas of everyday life. They range from paying for visits in the health sector, up to the possibility of consulting documentation on INPS practices or, again, many other options and tools that can be exploited at an entrepreneurial level, without forgetting the possibility of applying for state bonuses and incentives.

The SPID system, therefore, was created and designed as a further step towards an increasingly digitalized society. The goal, of course, is to get more and more people to use online services. It is interesting to note that the SPID is a completely free service for any citizen, with the management entirely by the Agency for Digital Spain, AGID.

What can be done with the SPID

In any portal that is linked to the Public Administration, therefore, you will be able to find a login button in which it is provided precisely access with SPID. In this way, therefore, the user can use the pair of credentials to access their profile for that specific service.

The advantages

There are several benefits of using this type of online service. The advantages range from the remarkable ease of use on any type of device, which makes this instrument extremely suitable even for the elderly or in any case not very accustomed to the use of technology.

Not only that, since the fact of being able to always use the same credentials for access to a large number of online services is undoubtedly a great advantage. Try to think about accessing your electronic health record from which you can download exam reports, or to book medical visits. And, at the same time, try to imagine sending documents for practices related to institutions such as INPS, rather than the Revenue Agency.

Well, the SPID allows just this: instead of using a different username and password for each service just mentioned, you can always use only that pair of credentials. Finally, it is also necessary to highlight how the SPID allows perform access to a very high and wide range of services completely remotely. In this sense, it must be emphasized that it is an advantage in terms of saving time, avoiding having to go to the various physical branches and having to wait hours waiting for your turn. Finally, the last, but not least, aspect linked to the use of SPID is that of security. There are three levels proposed, in which the second involves access using a temporary code and the third also includes a physical device to complete the access, such as the remote digital signature device.

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