The meaning of the green check marks in WhatsApp

The green ticks in WhatsApp messages have been a topic of discussion and debate for some time, let's try to shed some light.

First what is the meaning of the green check marks in WhatsApp?

A tick: the message has been successfully delivered to the Server (indicates that the message has reached the WhatsApp servers).

Two ticks: the message was successfully delivered to the recipient's phone (WhatsApp servers delivered the message to the recipient).

Clock: indicates that the phone is trying to send the message but you probably have a poor connection. In this case the message has not yet started.

So for example, if we send a message with WhatsApp and we receive immediately two green ticks means that the message was immediately delivered to the recipient, but it has not necessarily been read.

If instead the application shows us a single green tick, it could mean that the recipient has the phone turned off or does not have an Internet connection.

In a group the rules change: only a single check mark will remain visible to indicate delivery to the server.

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