The best Stores with Free Apps alternative to Google Play and Apple Store

After seeing how to install a App Store alternativo su Android, iOS e Windows Phone, in this post we will try to identify the best stores with free apps alternative to Google Play and App Store.

If you are looking for alternative stores al Play Store of Google andApp Store Apple with free Apps, you should know that there are many that do not comply with the policy of the two giants but that can be installed through alternative markets.

Android is the most widespread platform in the world, over 60% of mobile devices use the Big G operating system. Being a more open platform, it is much easier to find alternative and really interesting stores that are worth trying.

The best Stores with Free Apps alternative to Google Play and Apple Store

Many of these markets allow you to download latch apps and even view content suitable for an adult audience and therefore VM18.

I best alternative stores to Google Play

Aptoide, is a store that allows you to download free apps and games that are paid for on Google play. It is a partly illegal and partly dangerous store due to applications that hide malware.

F-DROID, is a store that collects apps distributed under the free and Open Source Software (FOSS) license. They are therefore legal and very useful, even if not all of them are compatible with your device. From the settings it is still possible to filter the apps that are.

BackMart Alpha, is a store with free apps and to download them it is not necessary to register for an account. There are over 270 apps and more than 35 are games. Too bad for too much advertising and for the presence of cracked apps.

Getjar, is an online store that can be accessed from a browser. To install the apps just click on download and download the .apk file. The store is free and legal but not always functional.

Taplified Market, it is not a true alternative store, but it allows you to filter and find apps for tablets optimized. Every time you decide to download an app or a game you are directed to the play store where you can buy the application.

Slideme, is a store that collects applications and games that sometimes cannot be found on traditional channels. It installs like a store and features legal and paid apps. To use it you need to register.

Mikandi, is a very spicy store, where you can find erotic applications and games that are forbidden to minors. It is the best of its kind. To download the apps you need to register while to make the payment you can buy through the Mikandi Gold virtual currency which can be purchased through a credit card.

FuckedApps, is a pornographic store. Most apps are portals for accessing VM18 subscription content.

The best alternative stores to iOS

For iOS with the jailbreak you can download free apps from illegal stores like: AppCake, AppAddict, vShare. Check out the post: Jailbreak on iOS 8 with Pangu 8.

The alternative solution, however, is to register with a few euros on the site through your iPhone as if it were a developer mobile device and then use the apps iSignCloud e AppAddict to install the cracked content.

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