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Are you looking for the new updated and working address of the Tantifilm site? Do you want to find out where the new site or domain is located? Read on and you will be able to access streaming movies and TV series again.

Please note:: in the next paragraphs you will be able to reach the site Many films. I remind you that SoulTricks assumes no responsibility in the use you make of the information in this article, the purpose of which is only to illustrate and not to promote piracy or downloading of copyrighted content.


TantiFilm the new updated address

and has to save it among the Add to Wishlist of your browser. Browsing through the genres you can easily watch streaming movies without registration.

Be careful when opening the links could open other pages with misleading advertisements, such as those where you are asked to enter your credit card or other. Close these pages immediately, because Tanti Movies offers streaming movies for free. And if you intend to download the film you are interested in, just register for the service and create an account.

Since sites like Tantifilm are continuously blocked and blacked out by the Spanish authorities, to stay up to date on the new address, I suggest you subscribe to the Telegram channel Tantifilm.

A lot of free streaming movies does not work

If trying to connect to the Tanti Film site you received the error message: "Unable to reach the site“, Don't worry, it's probably an old address. There are several ways to try to reach the streaming site in question. Like? In the next paragraph you will find the solution you are looking for.

How to access TantiFilm: new address

To reach so many films is to see film streaming for free in Spanish you can take advantage of one of the following alternative channels.

1. Change DNS

In case the new domain does not work, change the DNS of the PC, smartphone, tablet, smart TV or other device. If you find yourself having trouble doing this, you can read one of our two guides: How to change DNS on Windows 10 and How to use Google's DNS. If you are not a computer expert you can always rely on the Dns Jumper program that will configure the DNS on your computer with a simple click. For Android and iOS mobile devices, you can rely on the Faster & Safer Internet app instead.

2. Use a VPN

Try using a VPN, you can protect your browsing and browse incognito how and when you want. This way you can reach all the streaming sites you want, including Lots of Movies. For more information, I invite you to read the article: Best Free VPNs.

3. Use uncensored browser and free Web Proxy

Other advice is to download and install a search engine such as DuckDuckGo or Privado., Which allow you to browse incognito on obscured and blocked sites, or even take advantage of the best free Web Proxies, online services to bypass the restrictions of our country and browse without censorship .

Old addresses of TantiFilm

Be wary of old addresses such as tantofilm.net or tantofilm.com, to help you I have collected all the old addresses of Tanti films no longer working for you.

  • TantiFilm.net
  • TantiFilm.club
  • TantiFilm.uno
  • TantiFilm.com
  • TantiFilm.com
  • Many Movies
  • TantiFilm.actor
  • TantiFilm.plus
  • TantiFilm.tv
  • TantiFilm.me
  • TantiFilm.caffe
  • TantiFilm.fun
  • TantiFilm.one
  • TantiFilm.life
  • TantiFilm.pro
  • TantiFilm.site
  • TantiFilm.cc
  • TantiFilm.video
  • TantiFilm.top
  • TantiFilm.info
  • TantiFilm.surf
  • TantiFilm.host

Le alternative a TantiFilm

  • CB01
  • MyMovies live
  • PopCornTV
  • Paramount Movies

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