Single Day, here are all the offers of the Chinese black friday

Next week, the single day will finally arrive, the Asian appointment that opens the season of Christmas gifts and the well-known international event of Black Friday and cyber monday.

The single day, or party of singles, in recent years, however, thanks to stores such as Aliexpress and Banggood, has taken on international importance by offering us very interesting offers in super discount to us Westerners. This is why, therefore, theevent of 11 November deserves to be followed closely by all of us discount hunters.

The Chinese, however, instead of offering discounts directly in the cart, love coupons, discount codes to be applied to selected products and that's why the days before the November 11th event are essential to grab as many coupons as possible, some of which are really crazy with discounts up to 90%!

Before moving on to the offers, would you like some curiosity about the origin of the holiday? Yes? Then read below, or go directly to the next paragraph with all the offers and coupons divided by store.

The origins of the holiday

THENovember 11th is officially single day, the Asian celebration dedicated to those who have not yet found a soul mate. The party in question was born in 1993 from an idea of ​​some single students of Nanjing University, who chose 11 November as the perfect day for this event that celebrates singles, their autonomy and independence.

In fact, November 11, in the numerical transcription "11/11", represents four solitary "1s", and what better day, the students of Nanjing said, to celebrate this holiday?

Since then, the event born as a joke has taken on a different character, from a counter-celebration of Valentine's Day the celebration has become an opportunity to fund one's wallet in a sort of early Black Friday but all in Chinese sauce.

The commercial celebration then became so famous in the West that even famous stores such as Amazon decided to offer special discounts on some products during the day of November 11th.


AliExpress is the largest Asian e-commerce, a kind of Amazon with almond eyes, and it is the most interesting store when it comes to single day discounts.

The starting point is the specific campaign page you find here:
World Shopping Festival 11.11

After taking a ride on "Buying Guide”The first thing to do is to start redeeming the coupons, even several times, in order to have a supply to use when necessary for the purchase of products.

The most interesting ones will arrive at 9:00 am on November 11th but in the meantime it is good to stock up on those already available.

Coupons offer percentage or monetary discounts for purchases of a certain product category or based on the value of the products purchased from the store that offers them. They are essentially divided into three types:

Coupon Selection: they can also be redeemed several times and are applied to products as a percentage of the purchase made. You don't have to do anything to use them, as they will be applied automatically at checkout.

Seller Coupon: redeem from the product page or the seller's window. These also automatically apply at checkout.

Classic Coupon: they are simple discount codes to be entered in the appropriate field during checkout.

The coupon center is the starting point to start accumulating discounts; here are all available coupons that can be redeemed for purchases. On the right side a bar allows you to filter the coupons according to the product category.

In addition to the selection and seller coupons that we will report to you later, below you will find some useful classic coupon codes to be applied to all products.

SINGLEDAY4 - $ 4 off orders of $ 30 or more;
SINGLEDAY7 - $ 7 off orders of $ 50 or more;
SINGLEDAY10 - $ 10 off orders of $ 90 or more;
SINGLEDAY12 - $ 12 off orders of $ 110 or more.
11FAST10 - € 10 discount on orders of at least € 65;
11FAST12 - € 12 discount on orders of at least € 100;
11FAST20 - € 20 discount on orders of at least € 150;
11FAST25 - € 25 discount on orders of at least € 200.

Another way to accumulate discounts is to participate in the Aliexpress game that gives away discount codes to be converted into coupons. You can do this by downloading the AliExpress app from the Google Play Store and searching in the search field "1111"


The Codes on Banggood work in the same way as on Aliexpress. The starting point is this. The goal is to accumulate as many coupons as possible, in order to add to the discounts already applied by the store during the single day, those obtainable through coupons. From the Coupon Center you can find the selection of all the coupons available on Banggood, so drop by every day to accumulate as much as possible.

Here and until November 10 you can also try to participate in the game of lucky bags or "Lucky bag". By clicking timely on the bags that appear on the screen you can accumulate up to $ 999 in discount coupons. To participate, return to the page every day.

Obviously, as with Aliexpress, we will provide you with the most interesting offers from the Asian store, as soon as they are available. The offers will also be available before 11 and in the case of Banggood some will remain until cyber monday.

Therefore, the advice is to keep this page among your favorites and to come back every day to discover the offers we have selected for you.

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