Shopping becomes smart with "Amazon Dash"

Amazon Dash it is a techno-gadget of those destined to change our life. At the moment this sort of technology is usable only by users Fresh, the Amazon service that allows you to buy online food and household products.

Shopping becomes smart with

The cities covered by the service are Seattle, San Francisco and the southern area of California.

To use Dash, Amazon has released a video su Youtube very eloquent (visible at the end of this post), in which we see various possible uses of the new object of desires branded Jeff Bezos, the Amazon Board of Directors.

The instrument is, in fact, equipped with microphone e scanner. Just point the scanner at the barcode of the product to be purchased or say the name of the article out loud. Once the list of requested products has been completed, it is possible to complete the order, choosing the most suitable time for home delivery.

How dash Amazon works

The "magic wand" for shopping is a device which connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi. As codes are acquired or product names are recorded, the instrument transmits the data synchronizing the shopping list on the Amazon accountOnce the acquisition is complete, just finalize the order.

Dash is free for Amazon Fresh Prime subscribers, the service that guarantees the delivery of groceries in less than 3 hours from the order, in the cities covered, is expensive 300 dollars a year.

Shopping becomes smart with

The main features of Dash Amazon I'm:

  • Vocal recognition: with the Microphone key we can indicate our purchase interactions by voice by saying the name of the product.
  • Code scanning: By pressing the Scanner button, Dash turns into a bar reader. Just point the lens at the relevant product code.
  • Easy connection: Dash has a Wi-Fi module that connects to the home network, transmitting orders over the internet and synchronizing the shopping list on the Amazon account.
  • Robust design: dash has been designed for easy use and is easy to hold.

Amazon has in mind an expansion of the Fresh service, which will be extended to another 20 urban areas both in the US and abroad. Fresh currently allows you to buy approx 500 thousand different products. Thanks to dash, ordering them is very easy.

The new Amazon gadget is certainly of help for those who are always in a hurry. Leaving the house, finding a parking space, filling the trolley, standing in line at the checkout are elements that make us waste a lot of time, Dash could make our shopping smarter and at the same time less dangerous and unstoppable since it is not possible to know how much it is. is spending until the time of the bill.

Shopping becomes smart with

And in Spain?

In Spain there are numerous online services offering quality food and the possibility of receive directly at home: meat, fruit, vegetables, fresh cheeses. Among the most interesting we have:

Cortilia: allows you to buy and receive boxes of various sizes and prices at home (legumes, fruit, vegetables, meats, cheeses).

YesEatis: offers a range of food and wine products to be purchased and delivered to your home. From typical products to wine, pasta and drinks. Gift packs are also available.

IlPescatoreOnline: these are fresh fish transported home with 72 hours of storage time for the packaging.

Introducing Amazon Dash


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Shopping becomes smart with Shopping becomes smart with
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