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In this article you will find keyboard shortcuts for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome browsers.

The combination of keys are an excellent solution to prevent prolonged use of the mouse, especially if you browse the Web for many hours. You must know that the keyboard is a tool with which it is possible, through shortcuts, check browsing on Windows, but also on the Internet.

The keyboard shortcuts for browsers always start from the button CTRL and combines with another key to be pressed using even one hand. We see keyboard shortcuts for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome

Address Bar and Search

CTRL + E  Prepare the Browser for typing the new URL into the Address Bar

CTRL + F  Search the page

CTRL + O  Launch the Dialog window in order to open a file from your HD in your Browser

CTRL + K  Go to Search Box (does not work on IE)

CTRL + L  Select the URL in the Address Bar to type in a new one

Tabs, Tabs, Pages 

CTRL + N  Opens a new Browser window 

CTRL + F4  Closes the Browser page window 

CTRL + T  Opens a new Browser tab or tab

CTRL + SHIFT + D  Bookmark open tabs (does not work on IE) 

CTRL + 1 + 9  Opens the tab from 1 to 9   

CTRL + W  Closes the open Browser tab 

CTRL + SHIFT + T  Restore the last closed tab

CTRL + P  Print the page opened in the Browser

CTRL + SHIFT + P  Start browsing Incognito on Firefox and IE

CTRL + SHIFT + N  Start browsing Incognito on Chrome only


Bookmark, History and Zoom

CTRL + D  Adds a bookmark 

CTRL + +   Zoom Out 

CTRL + -  Zoom In

CTRL + J  Opens the Download 

F11  Toggle full screen mode on / off

CTRL + H  Opens the History to view the sites you have visited

CTRL + SHIFT + B  Shows the Favorites of the sites saved in the Browser

CTRL + S Save the page to your computer

CTRL + SHIFT + CANC  Delete the History

Other common commands

CTRL + U  View Browser Page Source

CTRL + R  Reload the page you are viewing

F12  Clear the Browser Cache

Shift + Space  scroll page up (on Firefox it doesn't seem to work)

Space  scroll the page down

ESC  blocks the loading of the page

Alt + Home  After the Home Page

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