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The online storage system iCloud it not only works with Apple and Mac devices but is also capable of interacting with Windows PCs.

The difference between the various clouds today is certainly the Gigabytes offered for free to users. Owners of an Apple ID and an Apple device have at their disposal 5 GB on iCloud. But here's how to use them with a too Windows operating system.

First you need to install in the operating system Windows the iCloud client. Connect to the address of iCloud ControlPanel, the Apple support page dedicated to "iCloud Control Panel 3.1 for Windows". Click on "Download”Setting the language in Spanish.

After downloading the file "iCloudSetup.exe”Which weighs almost 68 Mb starts the installation and at the end of the operation restarts the PC.

To access iCloud you must enter your data Apple ID. If you still have to create, change or recover an Apple ID you can visit the link E' gratis.

The iCloud for Windows management window allows you to adjust functions such as photo streaming and Internet Explorer favorites. To share notes e Calendar you must have installed it on your system Microsoft Outlook 2007 or a later version. If you have multiple versions of Outlook installed on your system, you need to uninstall one.

When you take a photo with your iPhone or iPad mobile device, a copy of the photo will automatically be saved in the "Photo Stream"On the PC.

Pressing options, button next to the item "Photo stream“, You can activate the automatic download function of new photos, as well as choose where to store them.

You can also manage the synchronization of bookmarks, browser favorites. Let's talk about Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

After some time, the available space will run out. For this the command Manage in the main screen it is very important to select which information to upload to the cloud and which not.

In addition to Photos and Favorites, there are other functions associated with iCloud: for example, if you have Outlook, you can access your Notes and Calendar via the Web and the changes applied will be synchronized on all devices connected to your Apple ID. Another interesting thing is "Find my iPhone”Where you can locate the iPhone or iPad, displaying its position on a map, in case of theft or loss or even prevent its use.

If you want to learn more about iCloud features, in the iCloud control panel, you will find a link "ICloud Help". If you click on it, a detailed guide in Spanish will open, covering all the functions you can activate with the new one from Apple.

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