How to sync Gmail with other email accounts

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It was used gmail and your e-mail account is connected to an Android smartphone, you can make sure to check all the other accounts in your possession on alternative services such as: Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook and even Alice, Virgilio, Libero and so on.

Google's mail service allows you to check other email accounts quickly and with a few simple steps.

For the most popular services you can manage the connection directly from the interface, while for the others you will first need to find some information such as the addresses and ports used by the mail server for sending and receiving messages, in IMAP, or in mode POP3. In the latter case you must make sure to check the box that allows you to keep a copy of the downloaded messages on the server, otherwise they will no longer be available on the interface of the respective services.

Here how to sync Gmail with other email accounts

The first thing you need to do to sync Gmail is to authenticate in your inbox. Click on the icon of settings (icon in the shape of a gear wheel) located at the top right. From the context menu, click on Settings. On the next page, click on tab Account and Import and then on Import Messages and Contacts.

You can link your email account to another Google mailbox or to an alternative service. In the window that appears, type the email address of the mailbox you want to synchronize. Then click on Continue.

Take note of the terms and conditions on privacy and click on Continue.


Authenticated by Gmail

Gmail usually allows you to easily connect other email accounts. In the new account acquisition window, you will be asked to authenticate to your mailbox, providing the password and allowing Gmail to import the messages it contains and acquire new ones.


What to import?

Subsequently, the service of the mailbox to be connected lists all the operations for which Gmail asks to obtain authorization. Click on Yes to accept. In the connection wizard window, you can check the items of what you want to import in the Gmail box. 


The last step of the connection wizard informs you about the data imported into your Gmail account. Click on OK. At the end you will see in the interface a label concerning the imported accounts and containing all the subfolders taken from the newly connected box.


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