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Today, to send a condolence telegram, it is no longer necessary to go to the post office and dictate the content of the message. Just like with online faxes, I will explain to you in this tutorial how to send a telegram online sitting comfortably on your sofa.

All this is possible thanks to the effective service of the site Post Spanish, dedicated to sending the online telegram.

How to send a telegram online

The first step to send online telegrams with the Spanish Post Office is to register on its portal. If you do not have a Poste SPID or an account on the site, you will need to create it by following these steps:

  • Connect to the Poste Spagnane website.
  • Click on the link My Area, top right.
  • Click on Sign Up, below, and follow the indicated procedure.
  • Enter where required, Your name, Last name e Tax Code and press pulsating Continue.
  • Check that your details are accurate: Born in, In the province di, Data of birth, State of birth e Gender.
  • Check the item I'm not a robot I awarded her Confirmation.
  • Enter your email to receive the confirmation code needed to certify the email. The email entered will also be used as a contact email.
  • Enter the verification code in the field Code confirmation I awarded her Confirmation.
  • On the screen Complete your registration, insert Email e Password I awarded her Confirmation.
  • Enter the checkmarks, where required, to accept the terms of service and click on Confirmation.
  • Check your details on the screen Data summary, and press on Confirm registration to receive the activation link via email and complete the registration.

Once the registration process is completed, you will have an active account and you will be able to access the numerous services of the platform, including: telegrams, registered letters, letters and booking a parcel at home.

How to send a telegram from a PC

Now that you have a Poste account or a SPID available, you can proceed with sending the telegram online. Consider that although the sending takes place in digital form, the recipient will receive the telegram in a classic way and therefore in paper form.

  • Open the page dedicated to the telegram service.
  • Click on the yellow button at the bottom Email online.
  • Log in with your credentials (username and password).
  • Alternatively, you can also authenticate via SPID by tapping on the link PosteID. To find out more, I suggest you read our guide on how to get the SPID.
  • Write the message text or click on Choose model for help with the most common messages.
  • After typing the message, click on Continue.
  • Now indicate the recipient: name, delivery and sender's name. Press on Continue.
  • At the summary of what has been entered, proceed with the payment one of the methods indicated, including: credit card, Postepay card, Banco account Mail Online and click on Confirmation.
  • Enter your payment details and click on Continue to send the telegram and complete the operation.

The cost of an online telegram is € 5,50 (VAT included) for a message up to 20 words.

Sending is available forSpain and for the ' Worldwide. By clicking on the link Prices, on the right of the screen, you will know the updated price list excluding VAT.

The prices of the online Telegram service for Spain are as follows:

  • 3,70 euro for telegrams containing up to 20 words of text.
  • 5,31 € up to 50 words of text.
  • 8 € up to 100 words of text.
  • 14 € up to 200 words of text.
  • 30 € up to 500 words of text.
  • 30 euros + price of the bracket relative to the number of words exceeding 501 words and more.

Prices for abroad are divided by Zone:

  • A (Europa-Nord Africa): fixed price € 6,23, price per word € 0,29.
  • B (Islanda): fixed price € 6,23, price per word € 0,29.
  • C (Europa- ex Area Sovietica- Nord Africa): price per word (minimum 7 words) € 0,45.
  • D (Gibraltar): price per word (minimum 7 words) € 0,45.
  • E (Somalia): price per word (minimum 7 words) € 0,49.
  • F (Arab countries-USA-Canada): price per word (minimum 7 words) € 0,57.
  • G (Africa-Asia- Central and South America- Australia): price per word (minimum 7 words) € 0,70.
  • H (USA): price per word (minimum 7 words) € 1,11.

Regarding the shipping times, if Poste receives within 7: 00 hours your telegram, this will be sent the same day of dispatch. Otherwise 24 hours later and then within the next day (excluding holidays).

A valid alternative to the Poste Spagnane service to send a telegram from a PC is the LetteraSenzaBusta website.

How to send a telegram via the Poste mobile app

If you don't have a computer, Poste Spagnane makes its app available Post office for Android and iOS mobile devices. After installing it, launch it and log into your Poste Spagnane account by entering your email address and password.

Allow the Post Office app to access your device location to find the closest post office to your location. Once found, tap on Start.

  • On the main screen of OfficePostali went his Correspondence I awarded her New telegram. Stop on the button Start.
  • On the screen Dial telegram enter your text or choose in Templates and drafts a pre-filled text between Marriage, Birth, Mourning, Greeting e Degree. Cheap with Continue.
  • Confirm the sender's details or click on Clear, at the top, and insert another. Press on Continue.
  • Enter the data of the Addresses I awarded her Continue. You can enter up to 200 recipients.
  • To view the amount to be paid, click on symbol of the pencil and choose a payment method. Press on Continue.
  • In the Telegram summary, stop on Show Preview.
  • Finally stop on the button Pay and send to complete the operation and send the telegram from the mobile phone.

Other ways to make an online telegram

Another solution for sending telegrams online is by dictating telephone telegrams. You can do this simply by calling the telegram number: the 186 from a fixed telephone or a TIM mobile phone. The service is active from 7:00 to 23:00, including holidays.

You dictate the telephone telegram to a program that answers calls and pays with the TIM credit of the telephone, in the case of a call from a mobile phone, with a charge on the bill, in the case of a call from a fixed network. The cost of the call is 0,63 cents. It is possible to choose a telephone anticipation service, or you can request to read the reading again, before sending it.

The costs of the service to send an online telegram are:

  • Up to 20 words € 5,20.
  • Up to 50 words € 8,00.
  • Up to 100 words of text € 12,00.
  • Up to 200 words of text € 23,00.
  • Up to 500 words of text € 46,49.
  • Over 500 words of text € 46,49 + price of excess words.

If you have a Vodafone, Wind, Tre, Tiscali sim, the 186 service is not enabled.

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