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There are many sites that they limit themselves to to move forward copy the contents of other sites / blogs stealing, with the simple copy and paste text, entire articles written with commitment and dedication by authors who see their work violated and stolen.

It even often happens that, going on Google and by typing the keyword relating to your own written article, you happen to find yourself, in the order of the results, following the article of the site that copied us.

To protect the original articles, Google has decided to help the authors a report those who have copied indicating the link of the stolen article or the link of the site itself. There is a page made available by Google called Report scrapes pages, containing a here, where you can enter:

  • la Query, that is the keyword, which inserted in Google made you reach that particular page;
  • the page address or article;
  • the page address or copied article;
  • un comment optional.

The report to Google ends by pressing the button Send

Google also offers the possibility to report:

  • spam sites;
  • sites that violate yours Copyright (copyright).
  • sites they use improperly Adsense.

Before getting to the steps described above, it is always helpful to try a contact who actually steals your web content with. Search the site for a contact email and write politely asking for the copied content to be removed specifying a deadline within which to do so and promising a possible report to Google.

In the event that the site in question does not have a contact email, write directly in the comment of the offending post and even if this path does not give you desired results, we recommend two sites where you can find information on the site and on the domain that hosts it:

  • Whois Lookup
  • Website Informer
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