How to rent a movie on YouTube

For those who did not know YouTube allows you to rent a movie just out of the halls with prices from 2 to 4 euros for 30 days. Do not know how to rent a movie on youtube? Quiet read those below, four steps are enough.

Everyone uses YouTube to share videos, watch black and white movies or clips from past TV broadcasts. For a couple of years, YouTube has also offered us the possibility of legally buying and renting movies.

The catalog it offers is very broad and embraces different genres, to satisfy the tastes of the whole family. We can find the great classics such as the productions just released from cinemas,

Renting a movie on first viewing costs on average 4 euros, the one of older films can instead cost from 2 to 4 euros. To watch these newly rented films we have a time period of about 30 days while to finish watching them from 24 to 48 hours.

How to rent a movie on YouTube

We access the YouTube rental service from the address and we choose the film we want to rent among the many proposed.

By clicking on the title we can watch the trailer and immediately after click on the green rectangle indicating the rental price.

The window that opens will ask us to choose between purchase or rental and to select the quality of the film. We choose the one that best suits our needs by clicking on the green rectangle.

We enter our data and pay by credit card (prepaid cards should also be fine) or PayPal, click on Accetta and continue and let's enjoy the movie.

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