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Your account was blocked by Youtube? You have violated the rules on Copyright with your videos posted on the tube? Quiet in this post we will explain to you how to recover Youtube account, all you have to do is continue reading the instructions below.

In recent years, the techniques used by Youtube to identify videos that contain copyrighted material have improved. With the release of new detection tools, there has been a real surge in infringements notified to users.

In addition to removing videos, notification of copyright infringement has as a consequence the blocking of some features of the Youtube account and in case of recidivism, the channel can be completely canceled.

If your profile has received such a warning for the first time, there is no need to despair, Youtube offers users the option of redeem and have an account back in 6 months fully functional, as long as you participate in the "School of copyright" and no longer commit similar infringements. Youtube experts will show you how to find copyright-free material and how to enrich your projects.

How to recover YouTube account

- warnings regarding the uploaded videos can be found in the section Note su copyright of your YouTube channel e they can be of 2 types.

1.The less serious ones concern correspondence with third-party content. YouTube notifies you that the video contains material from others and then asks you to remove it.

Clicking on Correspondence with third party content you can know the details of the notification and the offending contents. Let's say that this kind of notification does not affect the account, all it entails is thevideo inhibition in some countries it's a general account penalty.

The buttons Confirmation e Answers they serve: the first to acknowledge the violation, the second to contest it. Attention, initiate a dispute only if you are sure that you are the owner of the offending content by indicating the reasons for the complaint and selecting the appropriate option.

2. Another matter are the copyright notices. In this case, in addition to the video removal, some YouTube features will no longer be available such as: live events e video uploads longer than 15 minutes. After 3 notices of this type, theaccount will be permanently deleted.

Immediately after the first warning, YouTube offers the option to redeem yourself and get back a 100% functioning account. The warning expires after 6 months, in exchange you must not receive further notices and take part in the “Copyright School”.

To participate, just connect to the site A video will show you the YouTube copyright rules giving you the information you need to answer the questions and get back an operational account after 6 months. 

Not only Copyright but also Privacy

In addition to copyright, before publishing a video on Youtube, it is also good to pay attention to the privacy of the people framed. For example, if you shoot in open spaces and catch passersby who do not want to appear, you will necessarily have to obscure their face. A tool to do this is featured on YouTube, all you have to do is go up Video Management> Edit> Enhancements / Special Effects

Searchable and copyright-free videos

To avoid having to recover blocked Youtube account, you can, instead find freely usable content, the Net offers many resources such as:

  • Openfontlibrary
  • Soundcloud
  • Commons.Wikimedia
  • Search.creative-commons

Beyond these addresses indicated, one of the best sources that can be used is YouTube. By expanding the menu filters that appears at the top of the YouTube search results, you can activate the filter Creative Commons to see videos published under this type of license. Re-use of the video is possible directly from YouTube by pressing the button Create a remix of the video, which appears below the player.

THEeditor video di YouTube, in addition to the classic tools for cutting, editing and editing videos, it also includes backing tracks, fonts and a search tool Creative Commons (CC) to find freely usable material and use it in our project.

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