How to recover open tabs when Mozilla Firefox crashes

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Again Mozilla Firefox Did it crash or freeze and all the tabs or tabs you had open closed closed? Rest assured, this ongoing disaster can easily be avoided with a setting to apply in the fox browser.

The use of tabs or tabs in Mozilla Firefox is very important. Opening web pages and navigating between tabs can be simplified by using the CTRL and TAB key combination and allow the browser to jump between tabs in the order in which they were opened to move from site to site. But with Firefox, everything is not always that easy. Unfortunately, it also happens that it freezes or crashes and then closes. This causes drama especially if you had a lot of cards you opened.

What I recommend is to continue reading this guide because, in a few simple steps, I will explain to you how to restore open tabs when Mozilla Firefox crashes.

Backing up your Firefox tabs is super easy, all you have to do is type in the address bar about: preferences and press Enter or press the Menu (icon with horizontal lines) at the top right to select options.

In the box When Firefox starts, choose the item Shows the windows and tabs of the last session.

Doing so when Firefox starts up will open recent web pages.

If this solution is not effective you can try another more flexible solution. Type about: config in the address bar, press Enter and confirm when the warning appears Doing so could void the warranty. Click on I accept the risks I will continue.

In the list that appears, search for the entry: browser.showQuitWarning and enable it by double clicking on it (the value from false must become true).

Now when you close the Firefox browser, or when it crashes, you will be able to backup and restore the open tabs, excluding the one that caused the browser to crash.


If Mozilla Firefox slows down or freezes, you can track down the culprit of the blocked tabs by typing in the address bar about: performance to then press Enter. The browser task manager will open, listing installed extensions and open web pages, providing information on what is slowing down the browser.

Click on Disable o Uninstall to disable or uninstall add-ons that slow down your browser, or click on Close tab to close unresponsive tabs.

If you have opened an important page in the tabs, try clicking on first Reload tab.

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