How to recover an iPhone that has fallen into water?

Yours iPhone fell into the water and you don't know what to do? well it pains me to tell you that i damage caused by liquids are not covered by the iPhone warranty and it is difficult to completely save a mobile device damaged by water.

That said, it costs nothing to try. 

In this post we will try to try to help you to perform all possible attempts to restore the functionality of your iPhone damaged by water or any other liquid element.

  1. Turn off the device without touching any other key. If it is on, turn it off immediately
  2. Remove the SIM card, shake the phone to let the water out from inside and try to gently dry both the SIM and the iPhone compartment with a microfiber cloth.
  3. Also try to use thehairdryer with cold air and blow inside one of the holes for 15 minutes to push any water out.
  4. Always dry the entire device with a microfibre cloth trying to eliminate all moisture.
  5. Now insert the iPhone into a plastic bag full of rice (or silica gel), with zipper without sealing it, so as to let the humidity out.
  6. Leave it in the bag for 2/3 days, in a cool and dry place, if it has been in the water for less than a minute, and at least a week if it has been soaked for longer.
  7. Every day try to take it out and shake it to see if there is still water. If there is, always use the hairdryer cold for 15 minutes.
  8. At the end, remove the iPhone, check that everything is really dry, insert the SIM and check that it works.
  9. If the iPhone does not respond, all you have to do is go to an Apple Store to repair or replace it.

The purpose of this is to disable the humidity sensor as it automatically voids the warranty of your mobile device.

Good luck!

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