How to put Instagram blank space in captions and biographies

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Often on Instagram I see terribly formatted captions and biographies, most have blunders, like trying to put spaces between the photo caption and the hashtag section, failing miserably. Let's see a simple trick on how to wrap in instagram bio and how to create real spaces in your posts and bio, without dots or other characters.

Blank Instagram space for captions and biographies

The spaces created with the space bar on Instagram are actually empty pixels. However, there are also "spaces as characters"That take up space. Both spaces are invisible to you, but Instagram sees them differently.

Step 1:

Select and copy the following (the invisible spaces you need are in the brackets)


Step 2:

On Instagram, write a caption for the photo you want to post, use the space bar once, then paste the block of spaces and remove the brackets. Paste several times if you need more lines. Make sure you use the space bar once between the caption and the pasted spaces. Otherwise it doesn't work.

Step 3:

After pasting the block of spaces and removing the brackets, press the space again, after the block of spaces pasted, and list the hashtags. Remember: you can only use 30 hashtags, so don't overdo it.

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Edit the captions in the Notepad app and then paste

Edit subtitles outside of Instagram, for example in Block notes or in a draft text message. Most of the time Instagram doesn't save the entire caption when you upload the image, so edit the caption elsewhere. Post the photo without caption first, then press the three dots on the photo and click Modification, then paste the new caption. If you post similar content often, you can save hashtag blocks in the Notepad app and save them for later.

How to head in the Instagram bio

Do exactly the same thing above in your bio as well, paste the space between the two brackets and try it out.

Next, find the right hashtags to use to get the most engagement possible on your content.

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2020 update

The above method has worked for quite some time and still allows for a fairly precise level of customization. However, adding only line breaks to captions and biographies just got a lot easier.

Il new method is to use the key Submit, without SPACES between words. This is unintuitive because on the iPhone, you have to press the key Shift (up arrow) to see the key Submit.

Write the first line and after the last letter press the Enter key.

GramSpacer App

Finally, the easiest method for Instagram blank space is to do it with the app GramSpacer. Simply write your caption in the app and copy and paste it on Instagram and you won't have to have any more problems with spaces or character counts.

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