Free app to identify songs and lyrics

Free app to identify songs. A guide to the best song recognition apps available on Android and iOS mobile devices.

After talking to you in this article about sites to identify songs online, here is a guide where to get the fast and accurate recognition of a song that you are listening to on the radio or on television. How many times have you said what song is this? Don't you remember a melody? Or don't you remember the title or the author's name? Don't worry, below you will find the best ones free app to identify songs and to find out its title, author and text.

Free app to identify songs

Are you ready? Then here are the best apps to recognize hummed songs for free. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy your reading.

Shazam (Android, iOS)

Free app to identify songs and lyrics

How does Shazam recognize the songs? The most famous song identifier app in the world surely is Shazam. It is able to recognize a song in a very short time being able to identify the song or the artist.

To recognize a song with Shazam, all you have to do is click on its S-shaped icon, in the home, and wait a few seconds for its complete card to be displayed.

You can listen to the song again thanks to its integrated player or download Apple Music on your mobile device to buy it.

Shazam is a free app, for Android and iOS, and has very interesting additional features. One of the many is Auto-Shazam (appears after pressing for a few seconds on the app) and is used to scan songs continuously without having to press on the S-shaped icon.

With a swipe to the left you can access the section MieiShazam and view after registering, the history of the songs identified by the app. With a swipe to the right you can instead enter the section Discover and be updated on musical news and discover songs selected on the basis of your musical tastes. In this section you can like or dislike each proposed song (by pressing on the menu with the three dots) to indicate your musical tastes to Shazam.

Tapping on the song you will be able to listen to it and open it up Google Play Music, Apple Music o Spotify. The items are visible at the top Songs, Texts, Video, Artist, Related.

  • Songs: you can listen to the song in preview.
  • Texts: You can view the full lyrics of the song, which you can share as and when you want.
  • Videos: you have the opportunity to listen to it on YouTube.
  • Artist: makes all his hits available e Related songs of the same genre.

Shazam is available for download not only for free but also in a paid version. The latter, called Shazam Encore allows use of the app free of advertisements, also integrating additional secondary functions. The cost of Shazam Encore is € 3,49.

Download | Shazam (Android)

Download| Shazam (iOS)

SoundHound (Android/iOS)

Free app to identify songs and lyrics

SoundHound is a good alternative to Shazam. Available free for Android e iOS, was born with the intention of recognizing songs quickly and immediately. All its features are mainly designed for song identification through a well-structured Spanish language interface.

After downloading it from the store, press the central button a black S shape on yellow background to start identifying the song you are listening to. Always press the central button to finish the scan. When the app recognizes the song, it will be saved in the section Chronology.

You can decide to create an account to track the identified songs by clicking on the button SUBSCRIBE in the section Chronology. Cheap poi su Create account and complete the enrollment process.

There is a function Play which allows you to view different music videos thanks to the integration with the YouTube player. SoundHound it is also available in version Infinity, this is a paid service that offers additional functionality and ad-free app usage. The cost is 7,99 euros.

Download| SoundHound (Android)

Download| SoundHound (iOS)

MusixMatch (Android/iOS)

Free app to identify songs and lyrics

MusixMatch is a free Android and iOS app that recognizes songs and also offers lyrics. It offers tons of additional features and integration with leading streaming music listening apps, allowing you to view song lyrics as you listen to them on Apple Music o Spotify.

After downloading it from the store, register for the service so that you can store your searches and enable the display of the lyrics of the songs listened to in the other streaming apps. Press on Enable Time and soon after on Enable, when you will be asked to enable floating notifications.

To apply the identification of the songs, press the button with the symbol of the three horizontal lines and then choose Identify Text, from the drop-down menu. In the following screen, press the button with the symbol of X white on an orange background and wait for the song to be recognized. The lyrics will appear on the screen and will be synchronized with the song being played.

To use MusixMatch unlimited and with additional features you have to subscribe to a premium subscription at a cost of 6,99 euros per year or 0.99 per month.

Download| MusixMatch (Android)

Download| MusixMatch (iOS)

Other apps to identify songs

If the solutions indicated so far have not fully satisfied you, here are others music identification app equally valid. I hope you can find the one that suits your needs.

  • Google Now (Android): Integrated in all Android smartphones, allows you to identify music tracks from your mobile device. Launch the Google app and say "O”Or click on the microphone icon. Bring the phone close to the device that is playing the song and immediately press the key in the shape of a musical note to start recognizing the song. After a few seconds the search engine will show you all the information about the song you are listening to.
  • Crab (iOS): pronouncing “Hey Siri”, after unlocking your iPhone screen, you can activate Apple Voice Assistant to recognize the song you are listening to. Say the sentence: "What song is it?" And automatically Siri will activate the microphone to start listening to the song providing all the information you need to identify it and listen to it on the various streaming services (YouTube, Spotify, etc.).
  • Beatfind – Music Recognition (Android): allows you to recognize songs that play around you. Press the lightning bolt button and you will see a flashing to the beat of the synchronized music. Then access the history of discovered songs and listen to the songs through streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer and Youtube.
  • MusicID (Android / iOS): another valid app in Spanish for recognizing a piece of music. Do you want to know the name of that song? With this app you will find not only the title of the song, but also the name of the artist, the lyrics and the YouTube video. You can also add comments, locations and more for a truly unique user experience. It does not require any registration.
  • Music identifier (Android): Provides the ability to identify a piece of music for free and without ads. The graphics are very basic and allow you to recognize songs with a speed similar to Shazam.

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