The success of the Fastweb modem does not stop

Fastweb continues to amaze and this time it does it with its own latest generation modem, marketed under the name of FASTGate and already established itself in the homes of many Spaniards.

The choice to work on the development of a new modem was born from the need to offer customers a tool to make the most of the power and Fastweb network speed, which offers one ultra-fast Internet connection and who wants to make surfing the net easier and more efficient.

The company has been investing heavily in recent years to ensure that by about 2020 five million families can enjoy fast connection up to 1GB. Desire is also appreciable - pursued with the project WOW FI - to offer customers the ability to quickly connect portable devices to a Fastweb Wi-Fi network outside the home, to allow them to surf the net without consuming GB of the subscription.

Features of the FASTGate modem

To fully understand the potential of the Fastweb modem its characteristics must be taken into consideration. This latest generation modem comes, first of all, with a elegant design and designed not only to be beautiful to look at, but also easy to use. With i tre tasti touch you have the possibility to navigate in a few seconds between the settings and functions of the device.

Navigation has been made easier thanks to innovative functions that have been introduced. One of these allows you to set a navigation preference for one of the devices connected to the network: thanks to this function, the maximum connection speed to the Internet to the most important device, be it a desktop PC or a portable device such as a smartphone or tablet.

It is possible too create a Wi-Fi network for guests, choosing one custom password different from the master access key. With the guest network it is possible to manage the connections of accessory devices, without having to fear any security problems, since the master password will remain secret.

For the energy saving and to check your Internet connection, with the FASTGate modem you can set the device to turn on and off automatically. In this way, the management of the home Wi-Fi network has been simplified, increasing its control.
Speaking of performance, this tool was designed to deliver ultra-fast connection throughout the home. It is possible, in fact, to reach one maximum speed of 1 Giga per second in all rooms of your home, even if you connect to the modem via Wi-Fi.

These performances are guaranteed by technology Wi-Fi dual band a 6 antenne, thanks to which FASTGate is considered one of the best modems currently available in Spain. The latest generation processor, the 2 3.0 USB ports and 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports complete the features of this modem and allow you to make the most of fast network connectivity.

Also, through the official application MyFastweb - available for both iOS and Android - customers will be able to access the modem and set the settings to their liking, for complete management "just a tap away". From the same application it is also possible analyze connection data and evaluate their performance.

With FASTGate, therefore, customers will be able to make the most of the potential of the Fastweb network and surf the Internet with performance never experienced before. The modem guarantees fast connection to all devices connected to the network and allows you to reach high speeds not only with devices connected with an Ethernet cable, but also with those that surf using Wi-Fi.

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