How to pay in installments with Amazon

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How to pay in installments with Amazon. A practical guide to defer the payment of an Amazon product.

For a few months Amazon also introduced in Spain the Possibility of pay in installments some products purchased on its online platform. But how does the payment by installments? What products can be purchased? What are the conditions of purchase? Let's find out together.


How to pay in installments with Amazon

From now on you can pay for purchases made on Amazon in five installments, without interest and ancillary costs.

This is not a real consumer credit since there is no involvement of an authorized financial institution. So let's talk about a simple one deferred payment which does not include expenses or any interest.

In summary, if the asset you intend to buy has a cost of 200 euros, you will pay 5 installments of 40 euros, nothing more. The installments all have the same amount (if the full price cannot be divided into five equal installments, the amount of the last installment may be lower).

In order to use this method of Amazon payment you will have to respect some criteria:

  • Be a resident of Spain.
  • Have an account that has been active for at least one year.
  • Be in possession of a valid credit or debit card associated with your Amazon account (expiring no earlier than 20 days after the due date of the last installment).
  • Present a good payment history on the Amazon platform.

How the payment is split

Let's analyze terms and conditions of payment di Amazon rateale.

  1. At the time of purchase, you need to select the option payment in installments when you add the item to the cart or make the payment.
  2. Before finalizing the purchase, you will need to make an initial payment which will include the first monthly installment, shipping costs and the cost for the gift wrapping, if required. The VAT will be spread equally over the five monthly installments. This amount will only be charged to your payment method when the item is shipped.
  3. The remaining amount will be automatically charged to the payment method by you as follows:
    • Second monthly payment: 30 days after the date of shipment of the item.
    • Third monthly payment: 60 days after the shipping date.
    • Fourth monthly payment: 90 days after the date of shipment.
    • Fifth monthly payment: 120 days after the date of shipment.
  4. The number of applicable monthly installments is indicated when you select the monthly installment option. By selecting this option, you authorize the debit of the monthly installments relating to the purchase of the item to the payment method registered in your Amazon Account. If you have purchased multiple products, the price of each product may be charged separately.

You can decide to stop the payment extension at any time by paying the residue in a single solution: just connect to the section of the site called Manage payments in installments. 

What can you buy with the payment in installments


This payment method can only be applied to new electronics or computing products and to new and refurbished Amazon devices certified, sold and shipped by, where the option is present. monthly installments, as a payment method on the product detail page.

In the latter you will find at the top right, in the column where there are the buttons to add to the cart or buy immediately, the possibility of payment in installments and the amount of each individual installment.

Among terms of payment installments we have that:

  • The purchase in installments can be applied to one product of each product category present in the cart. For Product Category we mean Electronics or Information Technology.
  • It will be possible to purchase an additional device of the same category, using the payment in monthly installments, only when all the installments of the previous payment plan have been paid.
  • Prepaid cards are not accepted: with the latter, Amazon is not sure of finding credit available for the payment of the installments.

What to do in case of problems with payment by installments

But what happens if Amazon fails to complete the debit of the installment amount on the payment instrument registered in your Account?

In this case, you will need to authorize Amazon to debit the payment of the monthly payment on another credit or debit card.

If you do not proceed with the payment of the outstanding monthly installments by ten days after receiving an e-mail from the company, The Marketplace reserves the right to deregister the device or product you have purchased, disabling its ability to access its contents.

But how does the exchange and return work?

Payment in monthly installments does not provide for the possibility of exchange but allows the return.

In the event of an Amazon return, the same return policies apply to all other products: it can be returned within 30 days of purchase without any reason using the appropriate label to be affixed to the package. Amazon undertakes to reimburse the customer (in the case of installments, the platform will return the installments already charged).

The principles of the legal guarantee within two years of purchase.

Contacting Amazon Support

If you encounter a problem during the purchase of a product in installments, if you made a mistake in entering data for shipping or if you have not received news about your order, remember that contacting Amazon is very simple and fast.

This famous Marketplace boasts a rather reliable and efficient customer support in resolving doubts or any problems.

There are several ways you can contact Amazon customer support:

  • Call center: through the toll-free number 800 145 851, active 24 hours a day, 24 days a week. It is the ideal solution for those who do not have much practicality with the computer and the web or in case of no Internet connection. Before proceeding with the phone call, make sure you have the following information at hand:
    1. Email with which you are registered on the portal.
    2. Username
    3. Shipping Address
    4. Order number
  • Via social: in case of clarification or curiosity, you can turn to the Twitter page of the platform that is @AmazonHelp, which offers a first assistance service.
  • Via the web: To use online customer support, remember that you must be registered on the site. After logging in you can click on the item Contact us found at the bottom of the e-commerce page and indicate if your request refers to:
  1. An order placed.
  2. Digital services.
  3. Amazon devices or Kindle App.
  4. Amazon Prime and more.

After explaining your problem you will be contacted as soon as possible by phone or email.

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