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How to get Netflix for free to take advantage of the online TV series that the American streaming service makes available on iPhone, iPad, Andoid, PC, Mac, Smart TV and console? In addition to the 30-day trial period, there are other solutions to watch Netflix for free. Let's see what they are.

Netflix TV series are very famous around the world. Narcos, Lost, Breaking Bath e Stranger Things are just some of the television series that you can enjoy by having the opportunity to watch Netflix for free. Not to mention the huge catalog with films, cartoons and documentaries.

How to get Netflix for free

If you are still not convinced that you want to sign up for a subscription with Netflix, by reading this tutorial you can get the opportunity to watch Netflix at no cost. Like? Let's find out in the next lines, now relax and get comfortable because after this guide you will be able to understand how to get Neflix for free.

How much does Netflix cost

Netflix is ​​a video on-demand platform that offers several subscription plans:

  • Base at 7,99 euros per month: Watch standard definition content using only one device.
  • Standard for € 10,99 per month: Watch Full HD content using two devices.
  • Premium for 13,99 euros per month: Watch Ultra HD content using four devices.

However, if you want to watch Netflix for free, you can take advantage of all its features in the trial month granted by the platform.

Netflix free trial

A first solution to get Netlix for free is through the 30-day trial period that you can request by subscribing from a PC or through the app for Android, iOS and Windows 10. Connect to the official Netflix page, click on the button Subscribe for free for one month. Prize for your See The Plans and choose one of those proposed. Standard or Premium are the most recommended. However, you can change your plan at any time and disable the automatic renewal of the service.

After choosing the plan that you think best suits your needs, click on Continue and in the window Crea an account, insert Email e Password to register for the service and then access it. Check the item No, do not send my email with the special offer from Netflix and enter the payment method between: À la Carte of credit (prepaid cards are fine too), PayPal, À la Carte gift of Netflix (if someone sent you a Netflix gift card).

Confirm your payment method and finish signing up to start watching Netflix content.

How to extend your free trial

There are several solutions to extend the 30-day trial period with Netflix. Being careful not to get caught, you can use another PC or mobile device and change the Wi-Fi connection. Attention you will also have to change the payment method or obtain rechargeable cards.

This is definitely not a legal way to sign up for Netflix, you could instead try contacting Netflix customer service at 800-797-634 to ask for an additional trial period, because you were too busy to try it while it was granted to you.

It doesn't always work but it's a try you could do.

How to turn off Netflix auto-renewal

In order not to have Netflix deduct the money the following month and block the automatic renewal you must remember to cancel the subscription of Netflix. Three days before the free 30 days expire, Netflix will send you an email with a reminder.

If you intend to cancel a Netflix, go to the official website and log in. Click on your name, top right, and in the menu that appears select Your account.

On the next page go to the section Billing per subscription and click on Cancel subscription and then Confirmation cancellation (your data will be kept for 10 months). If you want to come back with Netflix, just click on Reactivate subscription.

The Netflix regalo card

Netflix gift cards, which do not expire, are another way to watch Netflix without paying. They are usually found at technology stores and have cuts from 15, 25 and 50 euro.

Access Netflix by logging in and if you have received a Netflix gift card you can redeem it by logging on to the Redeem your gift card page by entering your 11-digit PIN. Alternatively click on your name and in the menu that appears choose the item Account. In the section Subscription and billing go to the field Redeem gift card or promotional code and enter the PIN.

At the end of the operation, the amount of the gift card will be added to your Netflix balance.

The offers of TIM, Vodafone and Tre with free Netflix

In addition to the Netflix discount code, another solution to get Netflix for free without a credit card is through telephone operators. There Tim for example offers Tim Smart Fiber +, Tim Smart Mobile e Tim Smart House which include in addition to the decoder TIMVISION at 2,99 euros every 4 weeks, even the Netflix online service. For more information take a look at: TimVision and Netflix.

Vodafone offers Netflix through Vodafone TV. A set-top box that you can connect to your TV and that allows you to access Netflix. For further information go to the official Vodafone website.

Share Netflix to save

Do you want to lower the costs of Netflix? Then trust Together Price. This is an online service with a large community of users that will help you save money by creating groups that share their subscription to pay for Netflix. In this way you will have the possibility to access Netflix streaming contents by paying 2 or 3 euros per month.

By choosing a Standard or Premium package, you can equally share Netflix and split your monthly expenses, as the platform is supported by multiple devices at the same time.

Coupon Netflix

There are sites that offer coupons for a certain period to enjoy Netflix for free. In addition to Groupon, here is a list of sites that give away coupons:

  • Netflix coupons & promotional codes:
  • Netflix coupons & promotional codes:
  • Netflix coupons & promotional codes:
  • Netflix coupons & promotional codes:
  • Netflix coupons & promotional codes:

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