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Are you looking for a way to get free Amazon gift cards? If, wandering around the most famous online shopping site in the world, you came across the Amazon gift vouchers section, and you want to know how to get amazon discount coupons and how to save, buying products for free such as: clothing, technology, books and so on, then I recommend you keep reading this tutorial because after reading you will understand how to get an Amazon voucher free.

Amazon gift vouchers are gift cards, of different amounts, which, by associating them with codes, allow you to load cumulative credit on your account, useful for buying anything on Amazon. Amazon gift vouchers can be purchased not only for yourself but also for relatives or friends, up to a maximum of 400 Gift Vouchers to be sent by email or to be printed in a single order. The total value of the Gift Vouchers must not exceed 75 thousand euros.

But if you want get a free Amazon coupon you should know that there are many solutions, such as online surveys, which will allow you to have them for free in a very short time and with minimal effort. But stop the chatter and see how to get Amazon coupons.

How to receive gift cards offered directly by Amazon

At different times of the year, Amazon offers discounted or even free gift cards. Register on the Amazon site and pay attention to the emails you receive from the Jeff Bezos site. The latest offer is as follows:

  • Discount coupon of 4 euros if you buy 50 euros in gift vouchers

How to receive Amazon gift cards with surveys

There are several sites that allow you to earn Amazon Gift Certificates by conducting surveys. By responding to the surveys proposed by these sites, you will be able to accumulate points and then convert them into Amazon Gift Certificates. Vouchers are usually delivered within a short time of request and naturally requires the minimum threshold to be reached.

Below are the best survey panels.

Toluna is one of the best sites that offers shopping vouchers, gift certificates and products to test. By subscribing to the service, by clicking on Sign Up, you can start earning points and later rewards. Once registered you will receive a verification email. To participate in surveys you must receive an email; if there are no surveys for you, complete your profile by accessing the Thematic Surveys, from the voice Polls, you will be able to receive invitations to targeted surveys. By clicking on Rewards you can redeem your winnings by obtaining vouchers, such as that of Amazon: 25 euros redeemable for 80 thousand points.

My Survey is another great site that allows you to make money online. After signing up for the service you can start earning points after receiving and conducting surveys (on average they offer 50 to 100 points). To receive free Amazon Gift Vouchers you need to get 550 points for 5 euros, 1100 points for 10 euros, 1650 points for 15 euros and 2570 points for 25 euros.

High Opinion offers Amazon coupons for free by answering surveys that will be sent to you by email. After signing up, by clicking on the Register Now button, you can start earning points by updating your profile to get surveys to answer. These surveys offer from € 0,50 up to € 3. To receive free Amazon Gift Certificates you must get at least 16 euros in rewards to get the first 15 euros.

Surveyeah offers free surveys upon registration to the service. Surveys are credited to your account, where you can download your balance at any time. Upon reaching the threshold of 10 euros, and in steps of 10 euros, you can have the euros credited to your PayPal account or receive an Amazon Gift Certificate.

i-Say is a community of people who share their opinions. Any member can participate in surveys by receiving participation via email. You will be able to accumulate reward points that can be converted into gift vouchers. Usually every 4 surveys per month you can earn between 5 and 250 points. To redeem Amazon gift vouchers for 10 euros you must have obtained at least 1111 points. Please note that their maximum validity is 24 months.

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How to receive Amazon gift vouchers with Facebook

Facebook, Zuckerberg's social network, also offers free Amazon Coupons. There are Pages or Groups that indicate how to get them and where to find them.

  • Official page of Amazon
  • Facebook Group: How to get free Amazon Gift Certificates
  • Facebook Group: Discounts, Coupons and Almost Free Products (Amazon, Gearbest Banggood etc.)
  • Facebook page: Earning Online: Offers and Discounts

Another way to search for Pages or Groups that offer free Amazon Coupons is by typing in the Facebook search bar Free Amazon Coupons.

How to receive Amazon gift cards with apps

After pointing you to the best sites for get a free Amazon coupon, I could not fail to show you the best apps that allow you to earn Amazon Coupons as a result of actions performed. Let's see what they are:

AppNana (Android) is an easy-to-use app that in exchange for transactions offers points, called nanas, which can be converted into vouchers. The steps to be taken to earn points are: sign up, log in to the app daily, invite friends, accept invitations, download apps and view advertisements. By reaching a maximum threshold of nanas, it will allow you to get free Amazon gift cards.

CheckBonus (Android, iOS) is an app that rewards your entry into affiliated stores. After downloading the app, open it and view the list of stores near you, activating the bluetooth (click on Allow location). Collect the points at each entrance to the shops and take a photo of the receipt of your purchase and then send it by pressing Receipt> Send Receipt. To collect more points, view the list of promoted products by clicking on Products, and scan their barcode or buy those of your interest. By doing so, you can accumulate points and view their balance on Rewards. Reached the threshold of 2400 points you can collect the 10 euro Amazon voucher, with 600 points the 25 euro one, with 12000 points the 50 euro one.

Crazy for the offers (Android, iOS) is the app of, a portal on the world of offers and coupons. After downloading the app and creating an account, by logging in to Shopping, Pharmacy and Services and by pressing the product you are interested in, you can download the coupon you need. After purchasing the product, take the photo on the receipt and send it from Menu> Coupons downloaded> Insert receipt. You will be credited with points that will allow you to accumulate credit. Among the awards available in Available Credit, you will find an Amazon voucher worth 20 euros.

How to receive Amazon gift cards from friends or family

Christmas is approaching, and you may be thinking of asking friends or family for an Amazon gift card as a gift. If you go to the Amazon site, in the Gift Vouchers section, you will find digital Amazon Gift Vouchers, to be printed, in a greeting card or in a box to be received directly by mail, by email or on printed paper. Shipping can also be done with Amazon Prime, while the price varies with cuts from 0 to 20 euros, from 20 to 50 euros, from 50 to 100 euros, from 100 to 200 euros and from more than 200 euros.

Alternatively, you can receive Amazon gift vouchers that can be purchased at Lottomatica betting shops o points sale SisalPay with denominations of 10 euros, 25 euros, 50 euros and 100 euros.

How to get free Amazon gift cards with external sites

There are also many external sites that offer free Amazon discount coupons, among the many I want to point out two:

Discount Free is a site that daily provides free advice on how to save. It also suggests topics on discount coupons and free samples, but also free contests and earning methods. By searching the site, typing Amazon you will find many articles where you can receive free Amazon discount coupons and above all how to earn them.

buzZoole, if you are an influencer and you are present on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with a considerable group of fans, then you can try to sign up to the social influencing platform like buzZole that rewards you with Amazon gift certificates. By registering you can participate in various social campaigns by accumulating credits and then converting them into Amazon vouchers. Consider that your involvement in buzZoole campaigns is strongly determined by your visibility on social networks and by posts, shares, fans and topics covered.

Google, the most famous search engine in the world offers a lot of help in finding free Amazon Coupons. Just type in the search box Free Amazon Discount Coupons or Free Amazon Gift Certificates, to check the many methods to obtain them.

How to receive Amazon gift vouchers by opening a current account

Several online banks are adopting the policy of offering Amazon coupons to those who open a checking account. These are significant amounts with periodic promotions. At present, the banks that give Amazon vouchers are:

Hello Bank, of the BNP Paribas group, is an online bank that gives away an Amazon voucher of 150 euros for all those who open a new Hello! account. Money by paying at least 3 euros and signing up for a Hello! Credit card. Card. By inviting a friend to join Hello Bank it will be possible to obtain an additional 250 euro Amazon voucher.

Wibida, by opening a Wibida current account it is possible to obtain an Amazon voucher up to 500 euros, to be activated by November 29, 2017 (renewable) with a non-redeemable Limited Line. The type of prize depends on the value of the bond made. The non-releasable Line can be activated only once and must be kept active until its expiry.

Cariparma, by opening an account with a deposit of at least 3 thousand euros with the Conto Now rate, you will receive an Amazon voucher of 150 euros. By activating the American Express Green Card you will have an additional 50 euro Amazon voucher. The offer is valid until 10/01/2018.

Offers Amazon discount coupons

In addition to offering discount vouchers by purchasing something, Amazon gives discount vouchers in cases of recharging your account by credit card or by going to Sisal points. Here are the two offers:

  • Top up your account with 80 euros and receive an 8 euros discount coupon. Read to learn more.
  • Receive a 10 euro discount coupon with your first top-up at the cashier of at least 20 euro. Read to learn more.

How to upload a gift card to Amazon

Once you have received an Amazon Gift Card from one of the many solutions proposed above, it is time to upload it. Go to Amazon and log in, then click on Gift Vouchers I awarded her Add a gift certificate. On the page Check the amount or add a Gift Certificate to your account, enter in the field Enter the gift voucher code, the code received and press on Add to my account.

Please note that the validity of the Amazon voucher starts from the date of issue and lasts 10 years, and is not transferable.

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