How to find your smartphone when it is silent

If you are too distracted and constantly lose your mobile phone at home or in some other place, office or shop, and you just can't find it, there is a very easy way to understand how to find your smartphone when it is silent.

Don't worry, the solution that I will propose to you does not require any computer skills, but only attention in what I am about to tell you, because in a few lines I will reveal you how to find your smartphone when it is silent with a simple trick and with some small settings to apply to the mobile phone.

Are you ready? If your phone has ended up under the sofa or in some bag and you can't remember where exactly it is, the simplest solution usually applies, which is to call to make it ring. So far everything ok. But what if you had set the ringtone to silent or vibrate mode? The thing gets complicated.

Here then is that for find the smartphone when it is silent you will need to make it ring even if the ringer is turned off. Let's see how.

With any computer go to Find my Google device, and log in with a Google account (the same one you set up on your Android smartphone).

The Google service allows you to view the device on the map, but also offers the possibility to make it ring even if the ringer has been disabled.

Just click on PLAY AUDIO and the phone will start ringing for five minutes, so you will be able to retrieve it wherever it is. To stop the sound, press the device's power key.

The Google service also allows you to block the device and delete the contents of the mobile phone.


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