How to find the owner of a car license plate on the Internet

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Do you want to trace the owner of a car license plate but you don't know how to do it? Have you been rear-ended and would like to have personal information of the vehicle owner from the license plate you took? The Internet offers many effective solutions, including obtaining information that you may find difficult to find. Yet there are online procedures that you perform through the Web allow you to sit in your chair and have what you are looking for, allowing you to avoid unnecessary files.

That said, if you want to know how to find the owner of a car license plate on the Internet then I suggest you take a few minutes of free time and follow this useful and concise guide step by step.

find the owner of a car license plate, motorcycle or another vehicle, motor vehicle and trailer, you must first pay a small sum of money. The operation has a total cost of 8,83 €  (6 euros for registration and 2,32 euros for electronic service, + 22% VAT), payable by credit card or pagoPA and can be done by consulting the website of theAci  (Automobile Club Spain).

From the plate you can find all the information concerning the owner, since all the vehicles are registered and registered in a list kept in the database of the PRA (Public Autonomibilistico Register).

It is a public register, therefore of free access, which can be consulted freely and in a completely anonymous way since the owner will never be informed. The only exceptions are

  • The survey obtained does not constitute certification as, by law, the document can only be issued by the ACI provincial office.
  • Only 3 inquiries with the same tax code are allowed on the same day.

But let's see in detail how the ACI service works: Search of the online PRA database.

find the owner of a car license plate, you must connect to this page and enter in the section:

  • Applicant data: your personal data.
  • Billing data: your VAT number (if you have it) or Tax Code and the data for billing the service.
  • Vehicle data: the license plate and the type of vehicle.

At the end go back to the top of the page to choose the type of payment and put a tick a Payment by credit card and Payment through the SPC Payments Node. Go back down to enter the required characters and press the Make payment button. Enter the requested data and at the end you will get the identity of the owner of the plate you entered.

Attention there are cases in which there is no way to trace the owner of the license plate, and this happens when the car has been rented or leased since the data entered in the PRA relate to the transferee company.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a stolen or lost car, at the site of the Central Directorate of the Criminal Police it is possible to insert the license plate and the frame relating to the car or motor vehicle. In this way you will access a database of over 3 million vehicle registrations (cars, mopeds, trucks, caravans, trailers, etc.) and license plates reported for loss or theft. 

Alternatively, you can contact specialized agencies or online sites that carry out surveys in real time and apply different commissions. Among the many it should be noted, which allows, by entering the license plate number, to check the existence of the vehicle for free and to trace the owner for a cost of 19,50 euros.

Don't have a credit card? Then you can trace the owner from the license plate by contacting the owner directlyAci del PRA Provincial Office or at one of the ACI delegations. You will find more information by taking a look at: ACI offices and service points.

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