How to find a job with Tabbid

Are you looking for a short-term temporary job to supplement your salary? Or do you need to whitewash your house, tidy up the garden or update your website online but never find the time to do it? If you are not looking for a professional but a private individual with a minimum of experience, you can contact Tabbid. It is a social network that allows you to search and offer short-term jobs: suitable for those who have free time to invest and those who need a hand at home. 

Born in May 2013 Tabbid is a social network whose purpose is to bring together supply and demand for the provision of various kinds of services between individuals. The first step to using Tabbid is to register. After connecting to its official page, the site gives you the possibility to register not only through the traditional registration but also through the account of Facebook. Once registered, enter the section that allows you to complete your profile by clearly indicating which are your skills and the job categories that interest you most. Nothing stops you later from adding new attitudes or accepting activities that you have not indicated in your skills.

How Tabbid works

Going to the home page of the site you can immediately check if there are any jobs, not yet assigned, that are right for you. You have to select your region of residence and filter the most recent offers. If you don't find jobs offered in your region, you can always spot jobs offered in other regions even if you live far away. For example, writing articles or translating texts from English or vice versa are still an excellent source of income.

Tabbid is a free social network. It does not take any percentage of the jobs you will get and it does not charge for posting ads when you offer a job. In the event that someone is willing to help you tidy up your garden at the price you are willing to pay or you have proposed for one or more jobs, Tabbid will notify you by emailing any offer of help or any job offer. that falls into your category.

If you are interested in a job among those offered, propose a maximum time to complete it, preferably less than that indicated by the client. This will help you to be chosen.

Tabbid allows individuals the ability to exchange private messages with job vacancies. The payment of the services takes place between the users and is usually in cash or through an account PayPal

What you can't do in Tabbid and how to become Pro

Be careful because when writing an ad or accepting an offer it is forbidden to enter personal contact information, therefore neither email nor telephone number. In the same world it is not possible to write privately or contact a candidate until you declare the proposed assignment assigned. 

To succeed in this platform, I recommend that you send a CV and become a professional user by filling out the page with your personal information. The shield-shaped symbol it can be shown by you with the approval of the CV, and it will guarantee you quality and more chances of being chosen by those who offer work.

Most requested jobs on Tabbid

  • Translations of texts
  • Reviews of articles to be published on the web
  • Cleaning of apartments and offices
  • Arrangement of gardens and cellars
  • Tailoring works
  • Smartphone app programming
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