How to download from Torrentz2 and which are the best torrent alternatives

Are you looking for torrent files to download to watch movies and TV series at will but don't know which search engine to use? In this guide I will reveal to you how to download with Torrentz2 and what are the torrent alternatives.

After showing you the features of two torrent sites like Il Corsaro Nero and TNT Village, today it's the turn of Torrentz2, a search and download torrent files portal, which in recent years has replaced Torrentz.

How to download from Torrentz2 and which are the best torrent alternatives

You will discover how to download movies from torrents, how to download music, books and much more for free; so get comfortable and read the following paragraphs carefully because you will know how to search and download torrents indexed by other search engines.

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  1. Is Torrentz2 safe? Is Torrentz2 legal?
  2. Has Torrentz2 been closed?
  3. How Torrentz2 works
  4. How to download from Torrentz2
  5. The best alternatives to Torrentz2

Is Torrentz2 safe? Is Torrentz2 legal?

Torrentz2's predecessor portal, Torrenz, was closed in the past because it was considered illegal. In fact, all sites that allow torrent downloads with copyrighted material are illegal. Downloading and sharing non-free and therefore pirated material is certainly illegal and carries very severe penalties. SoulTricks strongly recommends that you use torrent search engines, such as Torrentz2, only to download free material.

Of course, Torrentz2 is a safe portal, as it has no malicious scripts and not much invasive advertising. You can still protect yourself with an ad blocker like AdBlock Plus for Chrome or a VPN service which will allow you not to be identified by your IP address and download anonymously.

Among the best VPNs I can recommend:

  • Surfshark
  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN

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Torrentz2 has been closed

Currently Torrentz2 is alive and kicking, torrent search engines are often blocked by judicial authorities. For this reason, providers remove its address from their DNS servers so that the site is inaccessible.

To circumvent these blocks, you must change the DNS addresses to international ones such as:

Google DNS

Default DNS Server:
Alternative DNS server:


Primary DNS server:
Alternate DNS Server:

Cloudflare DNS

Primary DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:

How to change the DNS in Windows 10

After changing the DNS, the Torrentz2 portal will be accessible at this address again. Alternatively, you can try searching for it on Google by typing the keyword torrentz2.

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How Torrentz2 works

What is Torrentz2? How does Torrentz2 work? Let's say right away that Torrentz2 is a free aggregator of various search engines that allow torrent downloads. The site is very popular on the Web and its simple and truly minimal interface is effective for searching any type of torrent file.

How to download from Torrentz2 and which are the best torrent alternatives On Torrentz2 you will find movies, TV series, books, music, games and much more downloadable via Torrent. Before downloading torrent files with Torrentz2, you will need to install a torrent client like uTorrent or BitTorrent on your PC.

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The moment you open a torrent file with Magnet link or will download and then run a torrent file (with .torrent extension), the torrent client that will allow you to download the movie, game, software or other, in the Download folder of your PC.

How to download from Torrentz2

To search for a torrent on Torrentz2, all you have to do is type its title in the search bar and then click the Search button.

Among the search results where the rating and verification of the file is indicated, click on one of the many titles that seem to direct you to a page where you will be told which torrent sites (Monova, ThePirateBay, etc.) from where to download the torrent file in magnet link or torrent file.

How to download from Torrentz2 and which are the best torrent alternatives

After clicking on a title, on the next page make sure that people have verified it. Verify as good torrent, to be sure of what you are downloading. Also check in the torrent Content section, that the file you are downloading is exactly what you are interested in. If the file does not infringe copyright and is listed as a valid torrent file, you can proceed with the download.

If you prefer to avoid clicking on one of the sites proposed by Torrentz2 to download the desired torrent file, you can try this valid alternative: look for the torrent Trackers section and copy the long sequence of numbers and letters beginning with hash.

How to download from Torrentz2 and which are the best torrent alternatives

Connect to the link generator manet: BitTorrent magnet link generator online and enter the code you just copied in the hash info field while in the torrent name field , enter the name of the file.

How to download from Torrentz2 and which are the best torrent alternatives

Press the Generate button and immediately after on the link Magnet Link to start the download through the torrent client (for example, uTorrent).

The best alternatives to Torrentz2

Here are the best Torrentz alternatives that you can use to download torrents: and Torrentz2 2 2.

One of the most popular torrent file search engines for users was created and maintained by Finland. The identity of the staff is unknown and there are far fewer responsible for the project, but only the last alias Flippy is unknown.

The names of the domain holders at are unknown, as their names are protected for privacy.

2. The Pirate Bay

Since the fall of Torrentz, The Pirate Bay has become the industry's leading torrent provider. It offers a huge library of torrent content from numerous categories to offer torrent users everything in one place. Do you want to download movies?

How to download from Torrentz2 and which are the best torrent alternatives

TV shows? Games? Name it and you'll find it on The Pirate Bay website. Even after receiving threats, it's still alive and definitely the best Torrentz alternative you'll find.

3. LimeTorrents

How to download from Torrentz2 and which are the best torrent alternatives

LimeTorrents is my favorite on this list of the best Torrentz alternatives because of its large database of torrents for different categories. It also offers magnet links that you can use to download your favorite content directly through the torrentz client.

4. IsoHunt

How to download from Torrentz2 and which are the best torrent alternatives

isoHunt has been around for almost a decade and still works flawlessly. A top torrent indexing website, isoHunt offers a multitude of torrents from different categories including movies, games, TV series and more. It is one of the best alternatives to Torrentz after The Pirate Bay and Torrentfunk.

5. iDope

How to download from Torrentz2 and which are the best torrent alternatives

iDope is another torrentz indexing website that compiles feeds from various torrentz websites. iDope has a dedicated Android app, which means Android users can now download torrentz files to their devices without any hassle. You will find torrents for tons of categories on iDope, including the latest movies.


RARBG is a very popular torrent indexing website and the most recommended in our list of best Torrentz alternatives. It offers a large number of torrents from all categories and also comment sections for the user to authenticate the torrent file before downloading it.

7. 1337x

How to download from Torrentz2 and which are the best torrent alternatives

1337x is a refined torrent tracker that has gained popularity after KickassTorrents shut down in 2016. 1337x, an all-purpose torrent tracker, offers a balanced mix of movies, games, music, software and other content. The site has been advertised as a possible alternative to The Pirate Bay and has several alternative domains, so its availability is quite good.

8. Zooqle

Zooqle is a rising star among torrent sites. With almost 4 million verified torrents and many active seeds, Zooqle is a great source of recently released classic and cult content.

How to download from Torrentz2 and which are the best torrent alternatives

We love their homepage, which conveniently lists all the popular TV shows and movies and provides access to the most popular torrents. In addition to English, Zooqle is also available in Russian, which is where the site originates from.

9. Torlock

How to download from Torrentz2 and which are the best torrent alternatives

TorLock is a pop-up torrent tracker with a new design and even cooler torrents. You can search for torrents by category, search for specific torrents directly through a handy search bar or see what the top 100 most popular torrents are. TorLock has its own news section, which focuses on BitTorrent and privacy-related topics such as Article 13.

10. Popcorn Time

Popcorn time is not a torrent website, but a streaming service, but it is on our list of the best alternatives to Torrentz because of the huge collection of movies and TV shows it offers for streaming.

It does not allow you to download movies or TV shows, but uses torrent websites as a source to bring you content. You can watch popular movies and TV shows with high quality streaming with Popcorn Time.

However, Popcorn Time fails in several countries and you need to get a Popcorn Time VPN to remain anonymous while streaming in geo-restricted locations.

Why are torrent sites blocked?

Torrent websites share copyrighted content such as movies, songs, warez software from various companies, for short pirated material.

These companies file claims against these illegal copyright sources through DMCA policy and under DMCA, you must remove the file from the owner, but if not, you must pay the fees.

Due to non-acceptance of the law, several governments block torrent websites from all their ISP networks. However, some sites using an encrypted connection such as SSl are still active even through VPN structures such as Tor, etc.

    Why do you need Vpn to access Torrent website?

    As you may know, VPNs are a crowd favorite, not only for tech geeks, privacy-sensitive individuals or corporate entities, but also for any common Internet user like you and me who would prefer a sense of security in anonymity on The Internet.

    Using a VPN while downloading torrents will protect you in several ways. First, some regions you may live in are stricter in their data collection laws and copyright infringement laws. Internet users in countries such as Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Sweden, Norway and New Zealand could face punishable offenses.

    This is also where the importance of receiving encryption coverage comes into play, when it comes to monitoring data. The main thing is to make sure that your VPN has a zero-logging policy, so that if any government or legal entity ever forced your VPN provider to provide customer information, your VPN provider would not be able to do so because they do not. does not retain any customer data.

    In addition, the government, corporations and your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can find out who you are from your filtered IP address, which is unique to your device.

    When you are connected to a VPN, your encrypted traffic will be routed through the IP address of your VPN server, masking your individual IP address. Any entity controlling Internet traffic cannot understand your IP address and ends up with a virtual IP used by the VPN service provider.

    Other points to keep in mind is to verify that the VPN provider selected must support P2P applications (not all do) and that the VPN has DNS leak protection.

    This feature will monitor your DNS requests to ensure that they continue to pass through your VPN rather than directly to your ISP. Without this protection feature, a DNS leak would eventually lose your IP address to your ISP while downloading torrents without you even realizing it.

    Conclusions: Torrentz2.Eu - The best Torrentz alternatives.

    Just like all other torrent trackers and meta trackers, Torrentz2 must be protected from copyright gatekeepers. In 2017, the popular meta tracker decided to remove external links, probably because it wanted to stay as low as possible. At the moment, external links are back, but who knows how long they will remain.

    Fortunately, you can skip Torrentz2 and download torrents directly from individual torrent trackers. To help you separate the wheat from the chaff, we put together this list of the 7 best alternatives to Torrentz2 and describe how you can use a VPN service like NordVPN to secure your third-party online activities.

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