How to download from Torrentz2 and what are the best torrent alternatives

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Are you looking for torrent files to download to watch movies and TV series at will but you don't know which search engine to use? In this guide I will reveal to you how to download with Torrentz2 and what are the torrent alternatives.

After showing you the features of two torrent sites such as Il Corsaro Nero and TNT Village, today is the turn of Torrentz2, a portal for searching and downloading torrent files, which in recent years has taken the place of Torrentz.

You will discover how to download movies from torrents, how to download music, books and much more for free; so make yourself comfortable and read the next paragraphs carefully because you will know how to search and download torrents indexed by other search engines.

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  1. Is Torrentz2 Safe? Is Torrentz2 legal?
  2. Has Torrentz2 been closed?
  3. How Torrentz2 works
  4. How to Download from Torrentz2
  5. The best alternatives to Torrentz2

Is Torrentz2 Safe? Is Torrentz2 legal?

Torrentz2's predecessor portal, Torrenz has been closed in the past as it was deemed illegal. In fact, all sites that allow torrent downloads with copyrighted material are illegal. Downloading and sharing non-free and therefore pirated material is definitely illegal and carries very severe penalties. SoulTricks strongly encourages you to use torrent search engines, such as Torrentz2, just to download free material.

Of course Torrentz2 is a safe portal as it does not have malicious scripts and does not have a lot of invasive advertising. You can still protect yourself with an adblocker like AdBlock Plus for Chrome or a service VPN which will allow you not to be identified by IP address and to download anonymously.

Among the best VPNs I can recommend you:

  • Surfshark
  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN

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Torrentz2 has been closed

Currently Torrentz2 is alive and well, torrent search engines often get blocked by the judicial authorities. For this reason, the providers remove their address from their DNS servers in such a way as to make the site unreachable.

To get around these blocks, you need to change the DNS addresses to international ones such as:

Google DNS

Default DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server:


Primary DNS Server:
Alternative DNS server:

Cloudflare DNS

Primary DNS Server:
Alternative DNS server:

How to change DNS on Windows 10

After changing the DNS, the Torrentz2 portal will be reachable at this address again. Alternatively you can try to search for it on Google by typing the keyword torrentz2.

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How Torrentz2 works

What is Torrentz2? How does Torrentz2 work? Let's say right away that Torrentz2 is a free aggregator of various search engines that allow torrent downloads. The site is very popular on the Web and its simple and truly minimal interface is effective for searching for any type of torrent file.

On Torrentz2 you will find movies, TV series, books, music, games and much more downloadable via Torrent. Before downloading torrent files with Torrentz2 you will need to install a torrent client such as uTorrent or BitTorrent on your PC.

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The moment you open a torrent file with magnet link or you will download and then launch a torrent file (with .torrent extension), the torrent client which will allow you to download the movie, game, software or other, in the folder Download of your PC.

How to Download from Torrentz2

To search for a torrent on Torrentz2, all you have to do is type its title in the search bar and then click on the button Search.

Among the search results where rating and file verification is indicated, click on one of the many titles that appear to be directed to a page where you will be indicated which torrent sites (Monova, ThePirateBay, etc.) from which to download the file torrent in magnet link or torrent file.

After clicking on a title, on the next page make sure people have checked it Verify as good torrent, to be sure of what you are downloading. Also check in the section Torrent Contents, that the file you are downloading is exactly what you are interested in. If the file does not infringe copyright and is listed as a valid torrent file, you can proceed with the download.

If you prefer to avoid clicking on one of the sites proposed by Torrentz2 to download the desired torrent file, you can try this valid alternative: locate the section Torrent Trackers and copy over the long sequence of numbers and letters starting with hash.

Connect to the manet link generator: Online BitTorrent Magnet Link Generator, and enter the code you just copied in the field info hashwhile in the field torrent sites name, enter the file name.

Press on the button Generate and immediately after on the link magnet Link to start the download through the torrent client (e.g. uTorrent).

The best alternatives to Torrentz2

In case of closure or difficulty in accessing Torrentz2, there are valid alternatives that allow you to download torrents in Spanish or in a foreign language.

Remember to set the DNS on Google before trying them.

  • TNT Village is a very popular community on the web where you can find free torrents of all kinds. Here you find a valid review.
  • RARBG is a well-known torrent website whose goal is to share files between users and can be reached at this address.
  • KickAssTorrents is a very popular website that offers a huge library of torrent files to download: music, movies, applications, books and so on. To learn more I suggest you read this guide on: How to access KickAss.
  • ThePirateBay: one of the best torrent search engines. Here you will find an in-depth analysis.
  • TorrentKen is a popular torrent search engine like Torrentz2 and can be reached at this address.

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