How to capture colors from the web

Until recently to know the exact color of an element on the screen of a specific web page, I always performed the same step: copy and paste the screen of the screen with the key Stamp/R Sist in one of the many vector graphics and photo editing software, such as PhotoShop or Windows Paint itself to use the "choose color" or "Dropper" from the Toolbox and identify its color in the Palette.

Fortunately with the additional components of new browsers such as Mozilla Firefox the situation has changed. The component that avoids all the steps described above is called ColorZilla.

First you need to look for it among the components made available by Firefox, so go to Tools> Add-ons> Explore and in search box type ColorZilla.

Once installed, restart Firefox and after reopening it you will notice, at the top right, the presence of the dropper symbol. By clicking on it, the cursor will become a cross and you will also notice a bar at the top center indicating the detected color, in RGB and hexadecimal formatby moving the mouse.

Once you have found the color you are interested in, click on it. The top bar will show you the selected color and it will copy it for you automatically, in hexadecimal format, to the clipboard. Just stick it where you want.

To copy it to other formats, add it to your favorites, zoom it, generate its gradients with CSS, open the palette through the color selector, all you have to do is click on the arrow next to the dropper, which in the meantime has become the color of your choice, and choose one of the options described above.

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