How to buy online and what precautions to follow

Buying online today is simple and above all safe. The ability to buy via the Internet is no longer a novelty.

Thanks to the Net, the range of choices in terms of shopping has greatly expanded, allowing us to purchase goods and services that years ago we could not have requested.

The opening of the so-called virtual stores it has grown to become a real one E-commerce. Electronic commerce is now a consolidated reality, with many proposals of all kinds that allow you to really buy anything.

Buying something online, especially in Spain, has always been a frown in the past both because you are buying something that you cannot see or touch and because it required a good dose of trust.

Today with the immediate purchasing procedures and secure commercial sites, everything has also changed because those who carry out online sales activities have every interest in being honest, reliable and available to solve any kind of inconvenience that may arise. There reputation it's all for an e-commerce site, since a disservice would be promptly reported by dissatisfied customers and the news circulating on the net would do the rest.

What to do if we don't trust?

La credit card today it is no longer the only way to buy online. The appearance of prepaid or rechargeable cards, offered by all credit institutions, have made it possible to overcome the fears of the risks of buying and selling, since the total amount at risk is in any case limited as the card is disconnected from the current account and the sums of money can always be loaded according to our needs.

Le Prepaid cards they are therefore an excellent way to rest assured. The paper American Express of Poste Spagnane is one of the most popular and widespread in our area, for safe purchases.

However, you may still come across sites that only allow the purchase of their products through the use of a traditional credit card.

In all cases, however, both the linked and rechargeable credit cards give the possibility to carry out checks online, or by telephone, and they send notifications via SMS or e-mail on the operations carried out. In this way we will have the possibility to verify in real time that the payment has arrived at its destination and has been accepted. We will also be notified of any transaction that has taken place, even in the unfortunate event that it has not been authorized by us. In these cases the important thing is to stay calm and call immediately the toll-free number of the banking service who issued the credit card for block it and then provide for report the illegal operation.

The rules to keep in mind and useful tips for shopping safely on the Web

What we certainly shouldn't do is memorize our credit card number in all e-commerce sites, especially those where we will only shop once. Then:

  • Buy from safe and reliable sites
  • Do not make purchases from tablets and smartphones via browser but only from Apps dedicated to the service.
  • Use a reloadable credit card.
  • Always check if the payment was successful.
  • Check that the payment notifications correspond to our purchases.
  • Always check your bank statement.
  • Never tell anyone the three-digit verification code written on the back of your credit card.
  • Change your credit card at least once a year.
  • Link your card to a PayPal account to prefer payments through this service.

From prepaid cards to PayPal

PayPal is the best known service dedicated to e-commerce, the way it manages payments is similar to that found in the various App Store or Play Store. In practice we have to give the PayPal service the our credit card number and from that point on, at any online shop affiliated with PayPal, all we will have to indicate will be our PayPal account data. This way we will avoid entering our credit card number on any e-commerce site.

Registering for the service is very simple. Once you have entered your credit card numbers, just enter username and password.

The PayPal service is constantly growing, the reputation is becoming more and more solid to the point of representing an important resource not only for those who buy but also for those who sell. Subscribing to PayPal as a seller allows those who want to trade through the Internet to have a practical, safe and recognized system for receiving payment for the products sold. The site of PayPal reports useful information.

A comfortable alternative it is also offered by Google with its own Wallet "wallet" ( Once we have indicated our data to the service, we will no longer need to write them every time on the pages of online stores. Again it is necessary to enter our credit card details in an online questionnaire. 

A few tricks before buying online

Online purchases today are much safer, there are sites, such as Amazon, that guarantee online operations, but this does not mean that you should never take precautions.

For example, one thing to do always and in any case when we buy for the first time at any site, is to do a quick search to find out if they exist. positive comments or opinions on the service offered.

If a contact is available, let's use it for ask for clarification or information on the item for sale. Generally the people who run ecommerce sites are friendly and helpful.

In the event that we are asked to enter our data, we check that the page is protected, verifying that the address is of type https and that a closed padlock.

Finally, in the event that the goods we receive do not meet our expectations and the trader does not prove to be cooperative, we can count on right of withdrawal. We find all the necessary information not only on the site from which we buy but also on sites such as Addiconsum (

Safe online shopping.

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