How to buy on Amazon without being scammed

Buying online is becoming easier and cheaper over time. The safety and reliability of sites like Amazon has grown over the years, you know how will i buy your amazon without being scammed allows you to avoid nasty surprises.

Amazon is one of the main e-commerce companies active in Spain and in the world. Its vast catalog contains everything you might need: from books to appliances, from clothing to gardening and DIY products.

CHow to buy on Amazon without getting scammed

The first step to using Amazon is to create yourself a personal account. To do this you have to click on the item at the top right Start here next to the item New client. In the window that appears, just enter your name, e-mail address, mobile number, which is useful for receiving order information via SMS. Once the security password has been chosen, all the remaining data, necessary for economic transactions and to make shipments, can be entered later.

Each account is linked exclusively to the country in which it was registered.If you are forced to shuttle between two or more states, you will be obliged to open two or more different national accounts and choose from time to time the one to use.

There are many ways to buy on Amazon without being scammed, first of all avoid using public or shared computers, and always keep an updated antivirus program active that can protect your passwords and security codes from theft. Similar precautions apply if you have purchased items via prepaid credit card such as, PayPal: the service connected to a credit card or current account. In the latter case, if you don't know, with PayPal you can take advantage of the protection service for return costs, which guarantee to be able to return any damaged goods to the sender at no cost.

Each item can be shipped from Amazon or directly from its seller. Therefore, carefully read the product sheet you are looking for to avoid possible problems before they even occur.

Beware of the stars

When looking for an item on Amazon always pay attention to the number of stars that appear next to the product name and the amount of comments that accompany it. 5 stars are not always synonymous with exceptional quality if the reviews reported are few and perhaps biased. In many cases, the products that have 4 stars and a high number of comments are definitely preferable to the most famous competitors.

The same star rating system is used to evaluate the seller's trustworthiness. Click on the name of the individual or company, entered in the product sheet, to call up the presentation page. In addition to the stars, you will also find its official data and other merchandise for sale.

The Amazon Shopping Cart can hold items for 90 days

Il Cart it is the fundamental tool to reach your purchasing goals. Inside you can enter all the items that interest you, compare costs and characteristics and specify the quantities. The inserted objects remain for 90 days but it is also possible to extend this period up to a year with a simple click on Save for later.

Useful tips for buying on Amazon

Unfortunately, even on a site like Amazon, precautions are needed to avoid finding objects of dubious quality in your hands or, simply, very different from what you expected. The first thing to do is do not rush to buy. Spend the right time reading the product sheet, evaluating the seller and analyzing the comments made by users.

  • When looking for a product, try to narrow down your results as much as possible to compare the items you are sure you want to buy. On the pages of some sections, such as the one dedicated toinformatics, filters are available that act on the main characteristics.
  • Always check the alternatives to the identified article. On the card descriptive of any product, by scrolling down, you can view Articles similar that have been bought by other users and read their experiences.
  • The characteristics of each item are listed in the section Description product of the card. Particular attention must be given to the voice Description which also contains the procedures for a possible return, and to the section Information important. When present, it contains an indication of the originality or otherwise of the goods.
  • The quality of the product and the related shipping problems or type of seller, can be evaluated by sifting through the comments left by previous buyers on the item. The total number of stars takes into account the severity of the situations encountered so you should always read first The most helpful reviews, placed at the top of the page.
  • Sometimes the problems arise for what is omitted. For example, pay attention to deliberately imprecise definitions.
  • Take into account thereliability of the seller. Lost items, damaged packages and much more are only replaced when the sellers are trustworthy.
  • Check the shipping times. The products chosen can be in Amazon warehouses or be shipped directly by the seller. In the first case, sending will be faster with the possibility of combining more products, in the second case, especially if the seller lives abroad, it will be necessary to go through customs and the items will arrive after a few weeks.
  • If the description doesn't convince you, ask questions. You can ask the shopkeeper for explanations and information via the option Contact this seller, present on the dedicated page, or contact the user community.
  • Organize your purchases by learning how to make the best use of the Shopping Cart, it will allow you to always keep the items that interest you most in the foreground and monitor price changes.
  • Take advantage of Amazon offers. Like all stores, Amazon also periodically activates offers that can turn into excellent savings opportunities. There are three types of offers: Proposal of the day, Lightning offers, And the Proposal linked to the number of items available.

The Amazon Prime service

If you buy often from Amazon, you can use some tools made available by the site to speed up the procedures for forwarding goods and to contain shipping costs.

The first is to join the service Amazon Prime. Paying a single annual fee equal to 36 €, you are entitled to guaranteed shipping in 2-3 days. In addition, it is possible to access the many services made available by Amazon, such as Amazon Music and so on. It is possible to unsubscribe from the service at any time without additional costs.

How to become a seller on Amazon

If you have products online and want to have access to the Spanish, Spanish, German, French and English markets at the same time, you should know that you can only do it through Amazon. Becoming a seller is very simple: you have to register on Amazon Service Europe to create a seller account and finally choose from the option Base e For.

The first, that Base, is the cheapest and refers to a sales volume that must not exceed 40 items per month.

The second, that For, on the other hand, is dedicated to those who want to manage a large number of transactions. In addition to variable costs, which refer to the type of product and its price, the Pro option provides for the payment of a fixed monthly fee of 39 euros excluding VAT.

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