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Do you want broadcast live events with YouTube? For those who did not know YouTube allows you to broadcast events live as long as you have never received copyright infringement warnings.

To activate it we need to verify the account by going to associating our mobile number to the profile.

Once the account has been verified through SMS, click on Continue, scroll down the page of the enabled functions and activate Live events. To start streaming we expand the section Video management, we select Live events, we click Create live event, fill in the fields and make sure that in Type is selected custom.

Confirming the changes we will move on to the import settings. We set a not too high bitrate, we select the encoder Wirecast, click on the link Windows, download the version Free and install the software.


We connect the video sources to the PC and start Wirecast. All sources will be recognized and imported: select the source to be transmitted and click Stream. We click Authentic and we provide the authorizations (by clicking on Accept) to access our YouTube account (by clicking on OK).

We click Stream, let's go back to the live event page and move to the tab Control room. We click Preview: YouTube will perform a quick check that will analyze the quality of the video stream. If it is satisfactory, con Start streaming we can send the broadcast live, which can be followed on our YouTube channel.

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