How to activate Apple ID two-factor authentication

For some time now, Apple has been promoting two-factor authentication, a new security system similar to two-step authentication, but much simpler, as the codes are sent directly to devices instead of via SMS. In practice, it consists of entering a verification code the first time you log in to your Apple ID.

Read on to find out how to enable two-factor authentication.

How two-factor authentication works

Two-factor authentication has been made available by Apple so you don't need to adhere to it, as it's already part of the setup. You can check the status in the System preference going in iCloud, Details Account e Safety.

enable two-factor authentication, you must give Apple at least one phone number, but it would be better to provide two in case you later change line, device or whatever. Better, therefore, to be cautious.

Once setup is complete, you will receive a six-digit code on your devices equipped with El captain o iOS 9.

This will happen when you connect to Apple services that require a password, such as iCloud or when you shop on iTunes e App Store. Enter the code to confirm that you have requested it.

That way, even if someone steals your password, they won't be able to log in anyway. You can manage all devices in the panel Safety.

For more information take a look at: Two-step verification of Apple ID

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