How to acquire the old TikTok account

How to acquire the old TikTok account it is a question that you will surely ask yourself if you found yourself in the unpleasant situation of having forgotten your login credentials or, worse still, if overnight you were suddenly banned for alleged infringement or simply decided to return on your steps and do not proceed with the cancellation of your account.

Whatever your motivation, the main thing to clarify is whether or not it is actually possible to recover your account. Fortunately for you the answer is positive and now we will explain in detail how to do it.

Practical guide to acquiring your old TikTok account

Before we begin to see which is the steps required to restore your account, we would like to inform you of the presence of a clause, or rather a condition of use, which could influence the way you approach the problem.

If the account you intend to reacquire, in fact, is canceled for more than 30 days, know that in no way will it be possible to reactivate it, much less regain possession of your data or media. It is a discriminant that cannot be bypassed since it is established directly by the owner company. For further information you can read the Terms of Service.

Having clarified this point, we can move on to the actual procedure.

What we are going to illustrate now is the standard procedure. Subsequently we will deal in detail, case by case, with all the eventualities in which access with your account is impossible.

First you need to open the app TikTok for Android or iOS mobile device, and on the screen Register on TikTok, as well as viewing the different methods available to register for the service. you have to tap on the item Log in, positioned immediately after the writing Do you already have an account.

At this point you will be asked for your login credentials: you can choose the login method with Email / Username or the one with Telephone.

In the first case you will have to enter your Email or username and Password, in the second case your phone number and click on Send confirmation code.

Once you enter TikTok you will immediately see a screen with a conspicuous point exclamation and an inscription that informs you of like yours account is being deactivated. You shouldn't be alarmed, because just look at the bottom right and click on the button Reactivate, which will allow you in a very short time to acquire the old TikTok account.

We remind you once again how the procedure we have just illustrated is valid only in your case deleted account has been deactivated for less than 30 daysotherwise there will be nothing to do.

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Recover TikTok account without password

One of the reasons that could lead you to try to acquire your old TikTok account is due to forgetting the password used.

You must know, in fact, that this it is among the most widespread main causes, but by following our advice you can solve this problem in a short time.

The first step you will need to take will be to open the app TikTok placed on the main screen of your device by clicking on the item Sign Up.

At this point, a new screen will open, which you should have learned to recognize by now, from which you can click on the button Log in, placed immediately after the now well-known wording Shark already an account.

Now you will have to enter the first login credential, that is the one related to yours username or atemail address, used to perform the initial registration. Select Use phone / email / username.

Press on Email / Username tab and if you don't remember the password, just select the item Password Forgot? and opt for one of the available recovery modes.

Specifically, you can select:

  1. Telephone number.
  2. Email.

Of course, the choice depends on which of the two options you used the first time you registered for the service.

  1. If you have chosen the option Number phone, type your phone number in the appropriate field and press the button Send code. Enter the code that came to you via SMS and enter it in the required field to access TikTok. 

  2. If you have confirmed the recovery on Email, in Reset screen type yours address emails and premium tasto Reset. Go to your inbox and enter the code a 6 figures received in the email. Enter the new password in Reset password and press pulsating Log in.

Our advice is always to opt for an alphanumeric password that guarantees you a high degree of safety. Just be careful not to lose it or forget it again otherwise you will have to do the whole procedure all over again!

Recover TikTok account without email address

How to acquire the old TikTok account in the absence of the email address is a possibility that can arise quite commonly. Not necessarily caused by one's own forgetfulness, but other factors may also contribute, such as, for example, a attacco informatico or l 'action of a virus that has made your e-mail service inaccessible.

What to do then in these cases? Read on if you want to know.

So, the initial step is always the same. First you will need to launch the TikTok on your device and then click on the appropriate button Sign Up.

From the next homepage, select the item Log in and continue by clicking on the button Use Phone / Mail / Username.

In this specific case, your lifeline will consist in having previously matched your mobile number to the account. Indeed, by taking advantage of this feature and selecting the option Telephone and then Send Code, the recovery of your account will be perfectly successful since you just need to write the code received in the space provided and give final confirmation.

But now that you've got your account back, be careful not to repeat the same mistakes! Tap on the icon Me and then go to the section Account Management, reachable by pressing the appropriate dots placed on the right and try to locate the voice concerning theemail address that you used to register.

The complete address will appear partially encrypted, it will still be well recognizable and you will have no trouble finding out which one it may be. If you realize that this is an address that you rarely use or have even abandoned, we strongly advise you to change the email address associated with your account.

How to do? Very simple, just select the item Email to receive a code with which you can view the complete address in clear text and proceed with the association of a new email.

If then the worst case should arise, the one in which you do not have the possibility to access your old email address, TikTok comes to meet you and gives you the right to receive the confirmation code also on your phone number.

Recover a deleted TikTok account

How do you say? Did you choose to cancel your TikTok account but a few days later you came to your senses and retraced your steps?

Do not resign yourself to the idea of ​​having lost everything by now. Following our advice I took acquire your old TikTok account with extreme ease and in a short time you will be informed again about all the trends of the moment.

Repetita iuvant said the Latins, repeating always brings great benefits, so we remember you once again as a deleted account can be completely recovered as long as no more than 30 days have passed since the actual act of disabling.

Launch the TikTok on your device and press the button Sign Up. Then select the item Log in, placed at the bottom right of the homepage.

To make the next required login you will have, as you already know, 3 options: Telephone, Mail o Username.

All 3 methodologies have some features in common and ultimately envisage a highly user friendly procedural process.

In case you opt for a login with telephone number, you will have to click on the item Send Code and then return it to the appropriate space. Where, on the other hand, you choose to proceed with yours name user or l 'email address, just enter the credenziali d'accesso and finish by confirming the willingness to access the service.

Regardless of the method used, there will be a message that will inform you that you have just expressed the will to reactivate your account.

How can we turn this will into reality? By clicking on the button Reactivate to re-acquire your old TikTok account and find it exactly as you left it, including data and media.

Ultimately TikTok is a social reality with a disruptive scope, used indifferently by young people, world stars and even politicians. And it is precisely for this reason that it has borrowed its nature by borrowing and further optimizing features of other social networks, such as hashtag.

If you want to know how to add hashtags on TikTok keep reading us and take a look at all the articles about this great virtual universe.

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