How do I know how many points I have on my license

How do I know how many points I have on my license? Here is a guide with some simple solutions for driving license points.

I am sure you have asked yourself this several times. The answer is simple: the fastest and easiest way to know how many points you have on your license is to call the number 848 782 782. The only limit: you can call only from landline, no cell phone. The cost is that of a local phone call and the procedure is very quick. What you will need to do is:

  • After listening to the voice of the recorded message, enter your date of birth consisting of two digits for the day, two for the month and four for the year (e.g. 19/12/1971 you will have to enter 19121971).
  • Enter your driving license number followed by the pound sign (#). Do not type the letters but only the numbers.

The Motorist's portal for checking driving license points

Other mode for driving license points control is through the Web. The motorist portal is the e-government service portal of the Transport Department of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, where anyone, motorists, professional operators and businesses, can consult information and access the online services dedicated to them.

Among these there is also the balance of the points on the driving license. Data also accessible through the free official app. Which provides not only the balance but also a lot of other information, such as: the insurance coverage of your vehicle, legislation, forms, and so on.

The motorist portal can be reached at the web address the driver's door. This is a complete and up-to-date site. You need to register and click on "Sign Up" top right.

Besides name e last name serves the code fiscal. Then you need to enter a code CAPTCHA. Finally you have to press "Continue" to continue.

In the form seen in the previous point, the insertion of the email was also required: it is used for receive confirmation of registration and a link to verify the validity of the email address and your identity.

Other data to be entered are in addition to nominative, fiscal Code, Password e sex, also data concerning the date of birth, province of birth and country of birth. At the end of the page you will also have to insert the driving license number, essential document for the portal, and the deadline of the driving license. Click on Continue but I will complete the registration.

Once the procedure is completed you must log in and go to the "Access to services”To know your situation immediately.

iPatente (Android, iOS)

Signed up to The motorist's portal search and download the free app be aware available iOS or on Android. This is the official app of the Civil Motorization and which allows the control of driving license points, the expiry of the inspection, the environmental class of your vehicles and much more.

To use the app you need to create an account on The Motorist's Portal, as already explained above. Then click on the button Log in (in the center of the screen) and fill in the fields Username e Password I awarded her Log in to complete the login phase. On the following page you will find the points balance of the license in the top left.

To view the accredited and reduced ones, just press on Patent, and in the screen Licenses and Vehicles, press the button Points.

The app be aware, after entering the car license plate, can provide you with a series of useful information about the car. For example in Kw or the environmental class. The app is also useful for i newly licensed, which can check whether or not they can use a particular car. You can also check the processing status of your files being processed at the Vehicle registration.

be aware also introduces the search of transport companies and verification of the third party liability coverage of vehicles. On the information page you can use the button to start the call to the toll-free number 800-007-777, answers the call center of the motorist's portal.

Driving license points (iOS)

The license is not the only App that allows you to access the points balance of your driving license. There are some other unofficial ones: Driving license points it is one of the best, it is paid and costs only € 2,29. It also allows you to check all the information regarding points and data of your license, road tax, vehicle inspections, various deadlines and much more. It is only available for iOS mobile devices.

How to recover license points

For those who have lost driving license points, over the years it is possible to recover them through two mechanisms that reward drivers and which are the following:

  • If the points are not exhausted e no infringements are committed for two consecutive years it is possible to get back the original 20 points.
  • If you already have 20 points and do not commit infractions, every two years will be added to you 2 points awards, until reaching 30 total points.

Driving license points how to get them back

If you have a driving license A1, A, B oppure B + E, you can recover up to a maximum of 6 points. All you have to do is attend a 12-hour remedial course.

If you have a driving license C, C + E, D, D + E, you can recover up to a maximum of 9 points. All you have to do is attend a course of recovery of 18 hours.

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