Find out which folders and files are taking up the most disk space

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Did you notice that there is little space left on your hard drive? Have you installed a few programs and can't figure out what it is that takes up all the space you had available? Yet a solution to find the heaviest folders and files on your computer exists. Let's see what it is.

Read on for find out which folders and files are taking up the most disk space.

There are several programs that can help you understand why your PC is full and a free up disk space, one of the best is without doubt HDGraph. Easy to install and use, it is a program that detects which folders and files take up the most space on your PC, representing everything in a practical graph.

Available for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1, Windows 10, for download HDGraph you have to connect to the official page and click on the Download link and then on the next page on the zipped file. When the download is complete, unzip the downloaded file.

starts HDGraph and in the top bar select the hard drive to scan, for example Local Disk (C :).

Click now on Scan/Refresh to start the scan, the duration of which will depend on the amount of files on your PC. After a few minutes of waiting, the program will generate a difficult to read graph. To interpret it you can click on the button Advanced and analyze the various options proposed by the program including Rotation to adjust the rotation of the graph.

In the menu on the right you have the possibility to enlarge or reduce the graph by clicking on Zoom, increase the font size with Text Size or the amount of text present with Text density and again specify the color of the chart with Color Style.

If after all these steps, you are still having trouble understanding the meaning or legibility of the box names, you can move your cursor to see a box with folder names and sizes appear.

To analyze the single folder, present in the graph, you will have to click on it and bring up another graph with the detail of the size of the subfolders, and with the evidence of which folders and files take up the most disk space.

In case you want to delete files and folders that are too heavy, HDGraph shows the exact location where they are located. To evaluate the occupation of a single folder, all you have to do is click, at the top, on button with three dots and then Scan/Refresh to make the graph.

Be careful not to delete or modify the system files, which can be identified with the writing SYSTEM, the folders with the programs, identifiable with the writing PROGRAM o PROGRAMS, and the folder WINDOWS

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