How to recover a Word document

A blackout on the power line has turned off your PC and you forgot to save the Word file on which you were writing your degree thesis? Don't despair and calm down. If you do not know it with fixed PCs, it is always advisable to have an uninterruptible power supply to avoid that an eventual power outage makes you lose your work. That said, take a few minutes to read and find out how to recover a word document through a few simple steps.

In cases of blackout it is possible recover a Word document taking advantage of the hidden functions of the Microsoft suite. From Word 2010 a feature has been introduced that creates a temporary draft of the document you are working on and which can be used to retrieve the work you are doing.

To find a saved draft, all you have to do is start Word, go to File> Information and click on the Manage versions button at the bottom of the page and select Recover unsaved documents.

In Word, as well as in the old versions, the automatic saving function of documents is available that allows you to avoid losing your work in case of any problem.

This function is usually enabled by default, to check that it is active, you can still go to File> Options> Save. Usually an interval of 10 minutes is set but can be decreased to 1 minute as well.

When an accidental closure of the program occurs, due for example to a blackout, upon restarting Word will try to recover the file you were working on and will allow you to open it by clicking on it.

You can still try to recover a Word document manually as well. Like? To help you in this, you can resort to a program called Everyting Search Engine. It is a software that allows you to quickly search for files and folders on your hard drive.


After downloading Everything-, double click it to install it. At the end start it and type in the search field *.DOC, *.DOCX, *.ODT, * .ASD (they are unsaved files), *.WBK (are the backup files) or *.TMP (they are temporary files) to find the files you have not saved.

Sorting the results by time and date will allow you to find the latest documents you were working on and your Word document should be among them.

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