Can you tell if a hard drive is broken?

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For data recovery from electronic devices, the company Recovery Data uses a clean room that can boast Class 100 / ISO 5 certification, thanks to which the sterility of the environment is ensured: the clean room is perfectly equipped to inspect hard drives and all other devices, so that the their functionality can be restored without impurities in the air from contaminating the products.

Those interested in using the company's services have the opportunity to Request a quote without obligation and free. In addition, the staff guarantees a diagnosis within four hours after delivery, with hardware spare parts charged to Recovery Data.

But can an inexperienced user understand if the hard disk he is using is broken? To find out more, we asked the Recovery Data specialists.

First of all: in a few simple words, what is a hard drive for?

Un hard drive it is among the most important components of a computer, and contains the data that must be processed by the device. E-mail messages, documents, songs, photos: there are many types of files that can be hosted on a hard drive. A hard drive is in effect a mechanical element, and as such it is destined to wear out over time, until it stops working completely. As the disk approaches a final failure, however, it sends out signals that are easy to recognize: so the user can proceed with a backup without risking losing all data.

If a hard drive fails, should you fix it yourself?

Absolutely not: it is essential to rely on a company specialized in recover dati hard disk like ours. Hard drives, in fact, are components extremely delicate, which must be opened only in uncontaminated environments: the slightest impurity that should deposit on their surface would be able to damage them.

How do you tell if a hard drive is failing?

First, you need to keep your ears wide open, as it is often some unusual noises that represent an alarm bell which should not be underestimated. If you notice screeching or scratching noises, the disc is about to break. In some cases the head may break, while in other circumstances the fault may be the bearings or the motor. Whatever the possible cause, it's best to react quickly by making a backup.

Only the noises allow us to understand the problems of a hard disk?

No, not only that: for example, it pays to pay attention to disk errors and data disappearing in an inexplicable way. The symptoms that should not be underestimated are many: a file saved on the desktop that seems to have disappeared, the inability to save a document, the failure of a program, and so on. When you come across a malfunction and you are sure that the fault is not a virus that has infected your PC, it is likely that the hard disk is showing the last signs of life.

What are the consequences of a worn hard drive?

It can often happen that the computer cannot recognize the hard drive. To check if the problem is with the hard drive, it is enough testare l’hard drive on another PC so as to understand what is the origin of the unexpected. A hard drive that no longer works as it should also causes the computer to crash, restart it continuously or generate blue screens.

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