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Contents written ungrammatically in a Word document immediately lose value in the eyes of those who read them, this is even more true if you have to present texts in official situations, work or study.

Turn on the Spell Checker in Word significantly affects the clarity of the content, improving or worsening communication with its recipients.

If you want to write documents correctly and without grammatical errors, I recommend that you continue reading to understand how to turn on Spell Checker in Word, it will help you not only to avoid making a fool of yourself but to intervene in typing errors, which are quite frequent in drafting electronic documents.

Word offers the tool that allows you to check a text by highlighting any errors in red, if they concern spelling (for example "facio" instead of "I do"), while they are underlined in green, if even in the absence of spelling errors there is it is something that sounds strange in the construction of the sentence (for example “I have a problem with a math).

How to add Word dictionary

turn on the Spell Checker in Word you need to open the Review tab. In the menu Instruments correction choose the option Control spelling and grammar. This will open a dialog box where, for each detected error, various solutions are proposed.

If you agree with one of these, just select it and press Change. Otherwise you can:

  • in case the written word is fine, but only for this time, you can choose the option Ignore this time;
  • if it is present several times in the same document and each time it does not need to be changed, you can select Ignore all;
  • in case this word is never to be considered incorrect, you can add it to the list of words that Word recognizes as correct by pressing the button Add to dictionary.

The latter option is especially suitable for proper names, which in many cases are not recognized by Word and therefore would be treated wrongly as misspelled words.

As in the case of word count, the spelling check can only be performed on a part of the document, after selecting the portion of the text to be analyzed.

How to fix a Word document with Track Changes

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