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Do you want remove the carriage returns in Word but you don't know how to do it? Have you copied and pasted some web text in Word and would like to eliminate the line breaks without having to intervene line by line? Don't worry, with the instructions I am about to give you, removing unwanted returns quickly and easily will be a breeze. Let's see how to do it.

Before explaining to you how to remove newlines in Word, you should know that the "newline" sign in Word is represented by a P rovesciata, also known as "Paragraph sign". This is achieved by simply pressing the key Submit on the keyboard.

The leading sign should not be confused with the "Line break mark“, Which you can get by clicking on SHIFT+Invio. The latter does not interrupt the paragraph, while the Paragraph Sign does.

remove the carriage returns in Word you can simply select the affected area and from Home, choose in the group Modification, the voice Replace.

In the window that appears, in Find finger ^p, in Replace with: you can decide whether to leave blank or type a space with the keyboard.

Press on Replace All to view the result obtained.

If you want to remove the line break instead, just type in Find: ^l (attention l stands for elle), while in Replace with, you can safely leave blank.

I conclude by saying that if you want to view the paragraph marks and other formatting symbols hidden in a Word text, just click on the icon P rovesciata, visible from Home, group Paragraph. Or the key combination CTRL+MAIUSC+(.

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