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Coupon, deal e voucher are terms used daily by e-commerce sites to propose a product on offer. But what is the difference between coupon, voucher and deal? Have you ever asked it to yourself? Many users who surf the web looking for bargains encounter these words on a daily basis and often confuse their true meaning.

Online shopping today has become indispensable for many people who want to save. Find the Best Deals of online stores it has now become a fashion and in some cases a real need. There are many sites that offer coupons, deals and vouchers to get discounts on technology products, dinners, travel and much more. 

Read on to find out what is the difference between coupon, voucher and deal.

What are coupons

Il , is a digital discount coupon, which you can use to buy online. It is a marketing tool that you can use to target a specific promotion, discount, refund, or benefit between store and customer. These benefits can include: free shipping, free gift, fixed discount, percentage on the order or other benefits for buyers.

A coupon, it can also be called discount code o promotional code, especially when it is represented by an alphanumeric string (eg FCP1020) to be used in a computer system. For example, the coupons of technological e-commerce that often issue coupons (discount vouchers) to be used in the final phase of product purchase.

The discount code is used on an online store that decides to issue the discount coupon for promotional purposes. This solution allows you to guarantee excellent visibility to small companies without necessarily having to allocate a large budget for marketing.

The best sites for offers coupons and discount codes

  • Discount code
  • Codicipromo
  • Couponviaggio
  • Exedo
  • Getbazza
  • Groupon
  • Jumpin
  • Poinx!
  • Last price
  • Private sale
  • 360Qpon

What are deals

The deal, brought to the fore by Groupon e Groupalia, is a prepaid offer that takes the form of a group purchase. By playing on the amount of people, e-commerce sites allow significant savings on the purchase of the product. The offers proposed daily, always grouped by city of residence, consist of trips, dinners, massages, products, etc ...

Reaching the minimum number established by the online store makes the offer effective, allowing those who participated to purchase the product with discounts of up to 90%.

With the deals there is, however, no guarantee that the purchase will materialize. The user makes the purchase with prepayment, by credit card, but the price will be deducted only when the offer will be activated by the minimum number of buyers.

The best deals deals sites

  • Groupon
  • Groupalia
  • lastminuteclick
  • Letsbonus
  • Misterdeal
  • Napolideal
  • Tuttideal
  • Youppit

What are vouchers

Discount codes can also be called voucher o travel voucher, especially in the field of travel booking, i.e. booking travel and flights online. Vouchers are very close to bank checks, as they represent a guarantee ticket, a receipt or a paper coupon. On trips, vouchers are used to replace cash. An example could be a replacement ticket for admission to a concert, a hotel reservation, a replacement ticket for a flight, and more.

In the online environment, the voucher for e-commerce stores becomes a code to be typed to take advantage of the advantages described above. Vouchers are usually used as an actual gift.

The best gift voucher sites

  • Amazon
  • Charmerelax
  • Give away a voucher
  • Ryanair
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