CyberGhost VPN Review: How It Works and How to Protect Your Privacy

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A good VPN network must be able to guarantee the anonymity of those who use it, thus managing to hide the IP address. In this article we will talk about CyberGhost, one of the leading VPN services available on the market.

CyberGhost VPN Review

Il servizio CyberGhost VPN is available as a desktop application that can be installed on devices with Windows, macOS and Linux and is also compatible with smartphone etablet devices.

The service can also be used by installing a browser extension or via a TV app.

CyberGhost VPN pricing

Those who intend to try CyberGhost VPN for the first time can do it for free for one day. On the other hand, those who intend to use the service for several days must take out a subscription. It is possible to choose between the following subscriptions for the duration of:

  • One month for € 11,99.
  • One year at a cost of € 2,75 per month.
  • Six months at a cost of € 4,99 per month.

Plus whoever wants to have a Dedicated IP can make a payment of 5 euros. The proposed subscription plans allow you to use up to a maximum of seven devices simultaneously and access about 6.000 servers of the service, which have been disseminated in 90 countries of the world. Some of these servers also allow access to streaming services or services that are not yet available in our country.

In order to pay for the service it is possible to do so through some payment methods that are PayPal, credit cards e BitPay.

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How CyberGhost VPN works on PC

To use CyberGhost on your computer you need to connect to the official website of the program and click on "Get CyberGhost VPN". You must then choose the subscription to the service, try it for free for 24 hours and then select the plan to purchase.

Once you have opted for a plan, for which you intend to request a service subscription, you will also need to select the payment method. In this regard, it is possible to choose between credit card, PayPal or even cryptocurrencies. At this point it will also be necessary to fill in the form to which the site redirects, to be drawn up with your personal data and with the release of the e-mail address.

The transaction is concluded by pressing the "Continue" and then - "Buy it now".

To take advantage of the service for free - possibility we talked about earlier - just click on the writing "Try it for free for 24 hours" and wait for the download. As soon as the package has completed the installation procedure, you will need to start the .exe file downloaded and wait a few more minutes.

Immediately after, as soon as you are sure that you have downloaded the package and its components correctly, you will need to click on the "Accept".

When the operation is definitively completed, the Ghost VPN it will start automatically. The last action required is to provide consent, through the item "Install”, When installing the drivers.

How to use CyberGhost VPN on smartphones and tablets

Who intends to use the program CyberGhostVPN on your smartphone or tablet, you can do it using the service application that is available for both IOS that for Android.

Who has an Android terminal, must open Play Store, search for CyberGhost VPN and press on "Install". Those who, on the other hand, use an iPhone or a tablet must open the AppStore, select the app and proceed with the installation.

Once the installation process is completed, it is necessary to ask to start the application, a step that passes through the now usual acceptance of the privacy legislation. Another question that is asked is whether or not the user wishes to take advantage of the 7-day free trial at the time of registration: to do so, just press the "subscribe now". This possibility is not provided to those who already have an account: in this second case, in fact, reference must be made to the words "I already have an account”And enter the access data.

Even from mobile apps, the operation of CyberGhost VPN is very intuitive: users are asked to simply select a server (the list can be found from the "Connect a") And lift the lever towards the"On".

Following this step, it is usually necessary to give permission to install the VPN profile on the device used: accepting could be important.

Disconnecting the network is just as simple. Just press the button in the center of the view.

How to use CyberGhost VPN on other devices

The CyberGhost VPN program can also be used on the TV. To do this, however, you need to have one Smart T.V or a Amazon Fire TV Stick.

The possibility is then given to carry out the CyberGhost VPN download on devices such as NAS Synology, Rasberry Pi and computer ChromeOS.

After installation, you need to start the app. At this point it may be necessary to visit the web page indicated by the computer and press on the item "Connect to your TV". The PIN that appears on the television monitor.

By confirming the PIN you can safely resume the procedure, restarting with the server selection (you can always choose through the menu proposed by the item "Connect to"). Taking into consideration the lever placed in the center of the monitor, you can definitively conclude the operation and connect to the service CyberGhost VPN.

To log out, on the other hand, you need to find the shutdown button of the same.

Further information

In order to be aware of all the most important information relating to the service, we recommend that you visit the official website. It is also possible to browse the tutorials on CyberGhost VPN.

To really know what are the advantages of this VPN network, we preferred to collect the opinion of those who habitually use the service and understand why they would really prefer it.

Currently Cyber ​​GhostVPN can be called one of best VPN networks to contact and why we will explain it to you immediately.

First of all, the service stands out and its very strict policy stands out policy nologs. Not by chance CyberGhost is based in Romania, a country that has shown over time that it cares about data retention. In fact, among all European countries the Romania can be said to be among those most attentive to the issue of online privacy.

Just take a ride on Cyberghost vpn blog to understand the cornerstones of their policy, entirely focused on the protection of data released by users.

The company informs us that all data is stored at the time of disconnection and that servers avoid logging user sessionsi.

CyberGhost VPNhowever, it is also to be preferred for its ability to circumvent the geoblocking. One of the main reasons why many users choose to subscribe to a VPN connection service is in fact given by the possibility of accessing foreign television catalogs - or even internet content -.

For those who do not know, in fact, programming Netflix of the United States is very different from the Spanish one and it is impossible for us to access it, except with the service offered by Cyberghost.  A way to access content Youtube esteri it could be precisely that of subscribing to a subscription.

Not just any VPN, however, is enough to get around the Netflix. CyberGhost is one of the best VPNs you can use for this function. The network in fact leaves those who use it the ability to access Netflix catalogs in the United Kingdom, USA, Germany, France or the United States.

Many others, however, are the functions you can rely on.

CyberGhost VPN, for example, allows you to activate the feature KillSwitch, which hinders any activity when you log off the server, or function blocking of claims sites. The HTTPS automatic redirection and the possibility of compress i data.

CyberGhost, in summary, is the best VPN network that offers tons of benefits, allowing for a safe navigation, simple and completely enjoyable. Impediments and territorial blocks are put at the door during downloads and streaming, which is why even the price at which the service is provided is among the most reasonable on the market.

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