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Create and maintain a page on Facebook It has no cost but if you want to promote it in order to attract attention and make it known to the world you can consider advertising on Facebook.

Creating an ad has three main steps, after selecting Create a listing in the drop-down menu Expand Audience (Control Panel):

1. Design your Listing

Ads on Facebook have a rigid format, you will have to choose a title, enter a text of up to 135 characters and an image. You will also need to specify the target tab that people will see when they click on your ad.


2. Definition of Recipients

You can define recipients based on geographic location, age, gender and their interests. Restricting the number of people who will see your ad to those who are likely interested in your product or service will increase the effectiveness of your advertising.

In case you want to promote a performance by your band, for example, you can set numerous conditions and use them to get your adverts into the right hands. Depending on what you're promoting, you can also narrow the target audience to fans, non-fans, or friends of your fans.


3. Campaigns, Price and Schedule

You can invest little or a lot of money in your ad. Facebook's ad system is based on an auction model "cost per click". It is about placing a bid on how much you would pay for a click. Your ad will alternate with other ads based on the recipients selected and you will only pay for the number of times someone clicks on your ad,

You can schedule your listing to be active continuously or to end after a certain date.

Advertising on Facebook will be more effective if you know what you are going to achieve. Do you want to increase your fans? Want to get attention or raise money for a good cause? Do you want to distribute coupons to get more customers in your store? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you define the recipients of your ads.

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