Cooler Master, COSMOS SE, homes for the most demanding.

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Cooler Master with sharp claws.

Cooler Master brings out a new compact and elegant case for those who demand high performance from their desktop configuration without having to invest huge amounts in a bulky product with a brand lacking enough experience in the field.

The reliability of the brand and the many years of experience of the company have allowed the realization of the COSMOS SE. Built with reliable materials such as: polymer, steel, aluminum and with rubber finishes. The new case has the right size to accommodate ATX, microATX, MINI-ITX motherboards. It weighs 10 KG, it is not bulky and the design line makes it a case suitable for all environments; and for particular configurations that require, for example, latest generation graphics cards, the most “generous” in terms of size.

The cooling system is fan-based and the structure can easily accommodate liquid configurations for those who want clean montages and go into overclocking.

The rest of the information can be found in the image below and at the official website:


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