BlogEngine.NET 2.8 - New bugs fixed and small improvements

    The developers of BlogEngine.Net have for some time released the new version of the well-known platform in BlogEngine.Net 2.8.

    BlogEngine.NET 2.8 - New bugs fixed and small improvements

    In the new version the following elements have been fixed:

    • Bug fixes with significant improvements to make the code much more stable and reliable;
    • new standard themes with more attractive designs;
    • improvements foraggregation Site. With version 2.8 it will be possible to create a blog for family, friends in order to collaborate and share their work;
    • improvements in the editor of TinyMCE, in the syntax highlighter, web pages and more;
    • ability to run BlogEngine.Net 2.8 on Azure, including SQL Server data providers;

    Once you have downloaded the new version of Blogengine.Net and carefully read the instructions for updating your current version, you will also have to download a patch released to solve some BE 2.8 installation problems, to have version

    To use it, all you have to do is download the Zip file and extract the files to the corresponding locations on your web server.

    Here is a video on how to install BlogEngine.Net 2.8

    How to upgrade from BE 2.7 to BE 2.8

    There is also an easy-to-use updater utility, made available by one of the developers of the BE platform, which will allow you to upgrade to the new version of BE.

    Good Update.

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