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Air Video HD is an app available at 2,69 € on the App Store can handle all video formats on your iPad.

For the app to work you need to download and install the free client on your computer so that the application can access your video archive. Go to the address enter the section dedicated to Air Video HD and download the free client Air Video server Hd available for Mac and Windows.

After installing it, launch it on your computer and start the configuration. Immediately select the folder containing the videos and then select single user mode and enter a Password. If you want to activate the automatic start of the client every time you access your PC, just select start at login.

At this point, start the app from your mobile device, connected to the same network as your PC, and select your computer from the list on the left by entering the password you set on the client and go on.

While streaming on iPhone e iPad, Air Video HD directly converts to iOS compatible formats. Then you can watch movies in avi, divx, mkv and many others.

By activating streaming with data conversion it is also possible to integrate subtitle files in .SRT (remember that the video and the files must have the same name even if the extension will be different).

The system works on a wi-fi network even if with an access code you can activate streaming from your computer.

Start the video to view it on the iPad or tap the symbol of AirPlay to pass it on Apple TV. The video can be accessed not only via wifi but also from 3G network, just go back to the client and select Enable Access From Internet e Automatic Port, enter the code sei code to be used even when you are away from home.

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