Adsl not working? Here's where the problem lies

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Before asking the providers for help in the event that your ADSL does not work, there is the possibility of running a test with Chrome to identify connection problems.
The plugin that makes available Chrome is called connectivity diagnostics.

Let's see how to install it

Go up Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics and click on +, log in with your Google account and press Log in. Click + free and confirm with Add. Close the tab and go to the other one open, and press starts.

A series of tests provided by the extension will be performed. At the end, the extension will communicate whether or not a connection problem has been detected by specifying it with a point exclamation red.

By clicking on each item that indicates the failed test we can see the detail with a click on Show i log. To find out, however, the tests passed, choose Show passed tests.

Connection diagnostics can be run at any time just by clicking Start Applications of Chrome your desktop and click Diagnostics.

Here are some tips to implement in case of a failed test:

Check that the LAN cable is actually connected to the PC's network card.

  • In case the DNS servers do not respond, use alternative servers such as Google and or OpenDNS and To set them go to Start> Control Panel> Network and Sharing Center. Click on View Status to the right of Local Area Connection. Click Property, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP, IPv4) I awarded Property. Select below Use the following DNS servers, type the IPs of the DNS servers in Preferred DNS Server e Secondary DNS Server and confirm with OK.
  • Check the settings of the network authentication system if internet traffic is blocked by a firewall on port 80 and 443.
  • Check that you have set the correct DNS servers in the network configuration, possibly using alternative public servers from Google or OpenDNS by configuring them in the network card to be Start> Control Panel> Network and Sharing Center.
  • Use Alternative DNS if you have a delay in DNS resolution, such as Google and o OpenDNS and, and check the firewall or router rules.
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